Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Don’t send COVID-19 positive cases to districts: KU

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Dimapur, June 4: The Konyak Union has appealed to the Government of Nagaland to modify the revised SOP that says returnees who test positive but do not require hospitalization and are fit to travel will be sent to their home districts to be kept at COVID-19 Hospitals for treatment.
In an appeal to the Chief Minister of Nagaland, KU president Howing Konyak and general secretary Wango Konyak insisted that returnees tested positive at Kohima and Dimapur should not be sent to their respective districts as it will only multiply the positive cases within the State.
“As the returnees are all asymptomatic, it is a clear and deliberate attempt of the State Government to send all the returnees to the Districts an d transfer the entire responsibilities to the districts as the Government is not prepared at the State level,” it said.
The KU warned that there will be lapses in logistics and arrangements if the District officials a,lone have to deal with the transportation of both the returnees and the patients, testing, quarantine, treatment, and general administration, etc.
“The revised SOP which has been deceitfully framed to make the role of the State Government at the State level minimal and that of the local administration maximal, in wide contrast to the resources available, has made the actions of the current Government highly questionable,” it said.
The KU said the condition of the District Hospitals, especially the Mon District Hospital vis-à-vis the large population, are lacking behind in facilities and necessary equipments in all fronts. “We make strongly appeal that all returnees from hotspots and in suspected conditions be mandatorily tested and treated in Dimapur and Kohima as the districts will be highly burdened with the asymptomatic returnees, sent directly to the districts, many of who will definitely test positive,” it said.
The KU demanded the CM to modify the SOP putting the State government at the forefront and not take a backseat in the fight against COVID-19. (Page News Service)