Don’t meddle in our affairs, says NPF to NDPP

Don’t meddle in our affairs, says NPF to NDPP

Dimapur, May 19: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has ridiculed the NDPP’s “child like attitude” for meddling and commenting on anything and everything which do not concern their party or the PDA Government. The party said any step taken/initiated by the NPF is purely the prerogative of the NPF party.
In a press release, the NPF press bureau said the decision taken on May 18 by the party along with 4 MLAs of Manipur is solely to do with the NPF party and it is the party’s prerogative to take decisions which is best for the party whether it is in Nagaland, Arunachal or Manipur State.
“However, the hiccups of the NDPP’s indicate a sure sign of confusion and mistrust that runs deep in their party set up and also with their coalition partners,” it said.
Questioning why NDPP is fretting over the decision of the NPF party in the State of Manipur, the NPF reminded that there is no presence of NDPP in Manipur and the decisions of the NPF will in no way impact whatsoever their party. Further, the BJP is not in alliance with the NPF in Nagaland as the BJP has formally severed ties with us after the formation of PDA government, it said.
Alleging that the NDPP cannot take decisions on their own but needs to consult and listen to the directives of the BJP high command, the NPF said the NDPP needs to sort their house first before pointing fingers at others. “The so called NDPP led PDA government is a de facto BJP led government and the NDPP leadership is a mere puppet on the stage set by the BJP,” it alleged.
The NPF also asked the NDPP to stop instigating the NPF party to bring down the BJP led government in Manipur, saying the NPF party will take decisions and act on its own as and when the party feels the need for the betterment and welfare of the party.
“The sly act of the NDPP party to provoke the NPF party so as to see the BJP led government in Manipur collapse is nothing new and surprising as this is the kind of politics which the leadership of the NDPP prides themselves in being an expert. The false spirit of coalition by the NDPP was laid bare for the world to see when the NDPP had swallowed up its own coalition partner’s candidate for the Aonglendeng constituency by-election. The icing on the cake was when the two NPP candidates were convinced to merge into NDPP. Gobbling up its own partner is the kind of politics that the NDPP are specialised in. One may expect that if the BJP fails to come back to power at the centre on 23rd May, the NDPP may likely to apply the same tactic as they have done to NPP to retain the power,” it alleged.
The NPF advised the NDPP led Government to be sincere enough in their approach and committed to their promises and carry forward the welfare of the State so that the State is benefitted from their Government. (Page News Service)