Friday, February 26, 2021
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Don’t finish off Naga political history for power: Naga Hoho to Temjen Imna


Dimapur, June 24: The Naga Hoho (NH) has taken strong exception to the reported statement made State H&TE Minister, Temjen Imna Along that “he wants to see non-Nagas in the Nagaland state Legislative Assembly” and “Nagas will stand up and live with India.”
As reported in Nagaland Page, the Minister made the statement while addressing the 9th felicitation programme organized by the Nagaland Bhojpuri Samaj on Sunday at Dimapur.
“We wonder whether Mr Imna Along really meant it and know the Naga political history and struggle or just to please his political bosses in Delhi,” said a statement issued by the Communication Cell of Naga Hoho.
The NH was exasperated that of late Imna Along has been making remarks which will have far reaching consequences for the future Naga generation, and made it clear that in such turn of event no other but Imna Along should be solely held responsible.
“Do Nagas get opportunity to be in UP or Bihar or any other state Assembly,” it queried.
The Naga Hoho asked Imna Along not to finish the Naga political history and the young generation “in exchange of his chair and power.”
The NH also expressed astonishment over the filing of a PIL by BJP leader, Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay in the Supreme Court seeking protection of non-Nagas, particularly in Dimapur.
Questioning the motive of Ashwini in filing the petition in the Supreme Court, the Hoho was of the opinion that if he has any apprehension on the ILP issue, the matter should have been addressed to the Government of Nagaland or any other appropriate forum to clear his doubts rather than going to the court of law.
“This clearly shows that he has some malafide intention to malign the Nagas which cannot be easily absolved. The way Mr Ashwini is painting the Nagas to the outside world with concocted allegation is, as if, Nagas are racist – this is something which we cannot tolerate,” it said.
“The Naga Hoho wish to remind Mr Ashwini that unlike other states in India, the present Nagaland state was created out of political Agreement and Dimapur comes within the purview of 1963 statehood. However, the creation of Nagaland state is not the final solution to the impasse Naga political issue and therefore peace process and political talks between the Government of India and the Naga National workers is still going on where an honourable solution to the vexed Indo-Naga political issue is awaited.”
The Naga Hoho, therefore, urged Ashwini to withdraw the PIL without delay.
(Page News Service)