‘Don’t challenge us’: Mamata Banerjee’s message on Eid


Kolkata, June 5: A six-minute speech by West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee at a huge gathering on Eid took a sharp political turn on Wednesday as she warned the Bharatiya Janata Party that it will have to soon pay for “tampering EVMs.”
Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress and the BJP are engaged in an intense political battle in West Bengal.
The BJP made unprecedented gains in the recently-concluded Lok Sabha elections in West Bengal winning 18 seats, after winning two in the last general polls in 2014. The Trinamool won 22 of the 42 seats in the eastern state this year.
The Trinamool Congress chief’s comments also come amid an ongoing war of words between the BJP and Trinamool over ‘Jai Shri Ram’ slogans. Mamata Banerjee has said she has no problem with the slogan of ‘Jai Sri Ram’ if used in religious connotations but has accused the BJP of mixing religion and politics.
“When the sun comes up, it is initially very hot. But it cools down fast. The manner in which they tampered EVMs, it is certain that they will also go down very soon,” Banerjee said without naming the BJP during the prayers.
Mamata addressed the gathering after the prayers.
Banerjee had her head covered while addressing a few thousand Muslims at Red Road in the Maidan area where a mass namaz is organised during Eid every year.
“Jo humse takrayega, choor choor ho jayega,” said Banerjee, implying that those challenging the TMC will be demolished.
The TMC and BJP have also indulged in bitter attacks during elections and the ruling party has accused the BJP of tampering with electronic voting machines.
Claiming that unity is the essence of Bengali culture and tradition, she said if people are united they can fight any battle. “In future, we will fight all battles together. Remember, you are dead if you are scared. But those who fight together ultimately succeed,” she said.
Banerjee also advised the gathering to ignore certain words that are uttered these days.
“Some people will always say a few things. Let them say it. It is their right. But remember, you can be successful if you speak from your heart,” she said.
The BJP’s Bengal unit general secretary Sayantan Basu dismissed Banerjee’s allegation on EVM tampering.
“She has actually realised that TMC’s base in Bengal has become weak. Hence she is resorting to such wild allegations,” said Basu. (Courtesy: HT)