Don’t add tribal colours to ANCSU scholarship issue: College teachers

Don’t add tribal colours to ANCSU  scholarship issue: College teachers

Dimapur, June 10: The All Nagaland Government College Teachers Association (ANGCTA) has made a fervent appeal not to add tribal colours to the scholarship issue taken up by the All Nagaland College Students’ Union (ANCSU).
“Nagas are vulnerable to tribalism and have experienced destruction to our Naga society in many ways due to it. ANCSU scholarship issue is purely on merit and for the common interest of Nagas and in no way related to tribal colours. Therefore, we urge upon all sensible person to be ethical and judicious on the use of social media,” said ANGCTA president Lily Angami and general secretary Dr Kekhrieseno Christina in a press release.
Stating that it is disturbed and concerned by the allegations and counter allegation on ANCSU agitation especially with regard to the scholarship issue, ANGCTA extended strong support on the scholarship issue since it is a genuine demand. It also requested the concerned authority for timely disbursement of scholarship with transparency and accountability.
The teaching community also condemned the assault on innocent students who had staged a democratic protest on 4th June 2019. “We stand by the view that students are the best assets of the society and in no way a liability,” it said.
Stating that it has great concern for ANCSU and its members since both ANGCTA and ANCSU are indispensable facets of the same coin, the release said, “The welfare of the students is our uncompromised primary duty of the teachers and their performance and conduct a reflection of us.” The association further impressed upon its members to be more committed and diligent in discharging its duties.
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