Donald Glover sued for $700k by former label

Donald Glover sued for $700k by former label

Actor, writer and musician Donald Glover has been sued by his former label Glassnote Records, which has reportedly claimed it has not received its share of over $700,000 in Glover’s streaming royalties.
According to a filing for declaratory judgment submitted to the District Court in the Southern New York District, the label contends it is entitled to half of SoundExchange payouts. Typically, such royalties would go to the label who would divide the fees based on its contract with the artiste.
In the case of Glover — who performs under the stage name Childish Gambino — Glassnote contends it is entitled to a 50 percent share of such public performance royalties, reports TMZ.
Glassnote claims that it has paid Glover almost $8 million in royalties and is expecting to pay him another $2 million in the next three months.
The label also claims Glover made a $1.5 million demand from them to resolve streaming royalty. Glassnote says they have done three albums with Glover, including his commercial breakthrough, Awaken, My Love!, as well as several mixtapes. The album featured his top ten hit, Redbone.
The singer’s latest track “This Is America” sold over a million copies and has been called a “wake-up call for America” by many. The song debuted at number one on US Billboard charts inspiring multiple think pieces across the world. During its first four days, it amassed a whopping 50 million views on YouTube. Now, it has reached over 300 million and counting.
The singer has stayed tight-lipped about his perspective behind the song and its video.