Saturday, May 15, 2021
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DoH&FW PIO thwarts Kezikevi Thehou Ba again

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KOHIMA, AUGUST 5: Public Information Officer of the Department of Health & Family Welfare, refused to make out ‘Certified True Copies’ to the 17,000 pages released to Kezikevi Thehou Ba (Senior Citizens of Angami) on August 5, who had filed the RTI more than three months ago in April.
In a Facebook post on The Naga Blog, Robert N Solo, General Secretary of Kezikevi Thehou Ba wrote “We (Kezikevi Thehou Ba) went to collect our RTI reply from the PIO of Nagaland Health Project, under the Department of Health & Family Welfare, and was shocked to learn that the RTI amounting to more than 17,000 pages were not made Certified True Copies (CTC) as mandated by law.”
Talking to Nagaland Page, Solo said, “Without their signature, their document is not valid. We did not just want to take their photocopy because at the end even in the court they may reject those documents unless it is signed.”
The documents needed to be authenticated, and since it was not, we did not accept it, Solo added.
Queried on the reasons given by the PIO for not attesting the documents, Solo told Nagaland Page that the PIO said pages were too many.
“So we told him that we will give him time but refused to do that,” he added.
Solo maintained that even after the filing the RTI, the Kezikevi Thehou Ba verbally requested the PIO that it should be attested with serial number ~ to which he agreed. However, on receiving the reply to our RTI today without any signatures, we did not accept it, said the GS of Senior Citizens of Angami.
Solo also said that the matter will not end here because the Senior Citizens of Angami will decide on the next course of action at the earliest.
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