Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Documentary on INA battle in NE

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Kolkata-based banker Boddhisatya Tarafdar, who has his roots in Guwahati and Cooch Behar, has made a documentary titled Battle of the Far East, on the fierce battle fought by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s INA and the Japanese forces against the British-American forces in the jungles of Kohima and Imphal.
The documentary film focuses on the idea that though the Azad Hind Fauj or INA lost the battle in 1945, their military activities finally paved the way for India’s independence in 1947.
“Historians have opined that the battle of Imphal and Kohima was the last decisive battle of the World War II and as per former British Prime Minister Clement Attlee, Netaji’s military activities caused erosion of loyalty and mutiny among the large Indian section of the British forces in India and the countrywide protests during the INA trials, and made them decide to leave India,” said Tarafdar.
Supriyo Mukherjee, who edited the documentary, said “We need to keep in mind that the INA was fighting for India’s liberation and they were representing the Government of Free India (in exile), which was recognised by nine independent nations, including Germany and Japan.”
Tarafdar recently made a documentary film on Assamese revolutionary hero Maniram Dewan, which featured music by the Nandy Sisters, Antara Nandy and Ankita Nandy.
A banker by profession, Tarafdar has also made other documentaries on historical subjects. His main focus in on the Indian freedom struggle and the contributions of Netaji.