DNSU clarifies its stand on June 5 Dimapur bandh

DNSU clarifies its stand on June 5 Dimapur bandh

Dimapur, June 6: A day after the Dimapur Naga Student’ Union (DNSU) were accused of not supporting the students’ issue, when 19 colleges in Dimapur called for an indefinite bandh, which was opposed by the Union, the student body today said that they supported the charter of demands put forth by the ANCSU but were against the sudden calling of indefinite bandh in Dimapur.
In a rejoinder, issued by DNSU president, Sedevilie Angami and general secretary, B Mhajan Tsopoe,
The Union stated that it had a presidential meeting on June 4, 2019 along with the ANCSU Speaker, Assistant General Secretary and Assembly Secretary after the DNSU office was approached by ANCSU for support where the DNSU officials and its Units present made it clear to the ANCSU officials that unflinching support will be given to the charter demands put forth by them since it is for the students community but was against the sudden calling of the indefinite bandh in Dimapur.
Stating that Dimapur is a district with mix community and considering June 5 as World Environment Day, Eid day and also taking into consideration various planned events and activities, the DNSU suggested of postponing the indefinite bandh, planning methodically so that it does not create inconvenience to the public and also focusing more towards our goal with the grand support from all section of the society.
The DNSU suggested calling for the bandh not only in Dimapur as Dimapur has almost become a sacrificial ground but in the entire districts but this suggestion was declined by the ANCSU officials, it claimed.
It further said on the day of the bandh, the DNSU invited the ANCSU officials for a meeting where the ANCSU speaker and finance secretary was present.
Since the students at the Deluxe point were blocking the road and creating inconvenience to public and the Police officers present there, directed the DNSU to clear the roads at the earliest. The DNSU requested the ANCSU officials present to clear the road and also asked ANCSU officials if written assurance and responsibility can be taken if any untoward incident takes place to the student community but they could not do agree to it, the DNSU stated.
The Union stated that the DNSU President made a phone call to the ANCSU president requesting to call off the bandh and the protest however the phone call was unanswered. It was only after the DNSU president sent a message, the ANCSU president answered back and when the former requested to call off the protest, the ANCUSU president denied of initiating the bandh and protest, and that they were there ‘just to monitor’.
The DNSU further said that the ANCSU also clearly stated that the bandh in Dimapur was not being called by ANCSU but initiated by the 19 colleges. It also claimed that the permission was granted from the office of Commissioner of Police but it was learned that no such permission was granted when enquired.
The DNSU clarified that the House was not in favour of the sudden bandh, the officials was there till the end to monitor so that no untoward incident takes place.
The DNSU appealed to the 19 colleges leaders not to misguide the students and create conflict among the student bodies while reminding that DNSU is never against the genuine cause of the student community and stood firm since its inception from 1977.
Meanwhile, the DNSU thanked the law enforcing agencies for extending their co-operation and also extended it’s appreciation to Naga Council Dimapur and DCCI for their presence to maintain peace and tranquility.
The DNSU also urged all right thinking citizen to study and analyse from both side of the coin so that there is no conflict arises. (Page News Service)