DMC toll tax jumps, consumers pinched

DMC toll tax jumps, consumers pinched

Dimapur, October 12: The decision of the State Municipal Affairs Department to lease out the Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) toll tax collection has led to an unprecedented jump on entry tax charged per vehicle carrying commodities resulting in price hike on all goods in the market.
Reportedly after leasing out of the DMC toll tax, the entry tax is being levied not on the basis of vehicle but on the weight of the commodities being carried, resulting in spiralling of the toll tax.
This was also echoed by the Hardware Merchants’ Association Dimapur District (HMADD). According to the association, earlier the entry tax per vehicle for MS Rod was Rs 350 for 6-wheeler vehicle and Rs 450 for 12-wheeler vehicle. However, since the toll tax was leased out, the toll tax collection has started with Rs 50 per MT instead of per vehicle since October 1, 2018.
With the lease system introduced by the Dimapur Municipal Council, the entry tax has increased to Rs 3500 per vehicle for 12-wheeler of 70MT. This, the association said, is taking a huge toll on the transporters eventually affecting the public/customers in a humongous way.
“The burden eventually falls on the customers who have to bear the brunt for no fault of theirs but due to the flawed policy decision made by the Municipal Affairs Department in leasing out the commodities,” it said.
The association also reminded that the DMC is not a Sales Tax/GST Department to collect tax on commodities but can only collect entry tax per vehicle and not commodity wise. “Commodity wise tax collection at the entry gate is not at all acceptable,” it stated.
With the present tax rate, the merchants are apprehensive of facing unfavourable reaction from the customers and the association do not want the public to suffer out of the current issue, it said.
The Hardware Merchants’ Association Dimapur District urged the Municipal Affairs Department to immediately revoke the order on DMC Tolls & Urban Utility Fees during 2018-19, failing which it will be compelled to resort to its own course of action which will hugely affect the public. (Page News Service)