Thursday, January 28, 2021

DMC conducts raid on butchers selling above fixed rates

Dimapur, June 19: The Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) has notified all dealers/butchers/cut meat sellers to sell their products at the DMC approved rate, failing which action will be taken against them.
The DMC approved rate is: Egg wholesale – Rs 150 per plate; egg retail – Rs 170 per plate; beef retail – Rs 190 per kg; offal (head, hoof, intestine) – Rs 150 per kg; Broiler Chicken – Rs 140 per kg; Broiler (Dressed) chicken – Rs 180 per kg; Kuroiler & Layer chicken – Rs 180 per kg; Mutton (Khasi) – Rs 500 per kg; Mutton (non-Khasi) – Rs 450 per kg; Offal (head, hoof, intestine, etc) – Rs 200 per kg; Pork (wholesale) – Rs 150 per kg; Pork dressed retail – Rs 220 per kg; and offal (head, hoof, intestine, etc) – Ts 190 per kg.
Meanwhile, the DMC conducted a surprise checking on June 19 within the municipal jurisdiction and seized poultry/beef/ pork which was sold at higher rates than prescribed by the DMC and penalized the defaulters. DMC administrator, Albert Ezung directed all concerned to sell their products at the rates fixed by the DMC.
In the event of any complaints, public can inform/contact the DMC officials at 9862929908/ 8974807024 / 8575808077. (Page News Service)