Friday, April 23, 2021

DLSAs observe IDAD&IT across state

DIMAPUR, JUNE 27: Commemorating the International Day of Anti-Drugs and Illicit Trafficking, District Legal Services Authorities (DLSAs) across the state organised seminars, awareness programmes, painting & slogan writing competitions, etc., on the theme “Listen First – Listening to children and youth is the first step to help them grow healthy and safe.”
DLSAs also collaborated with various NGOs, stake holders, Rehabilitation centres, de-addiction centres to organise and conduct sensitization programmes for the general masses on the issues of drug abuse and trafficking.
Legal Services institutions highlighted the various legislations relating to drug abuse for eradication of the drug menace and the existing Government schemes for the welfare of victims of drug abuse highlighting the Legal provisions and rights, essential Legal Services to the victims of drug trafficking and drug abuse, etc.
Tuensang: The Tuensang District Legal Services Authority (TDLSA) observed the day highlighting the importance of the Day at CKS hall Tuensang. It was organized in collaboration with Integrated Development Society, Tuensang, with the main objective to raise awareness among public on drug abuse and illicit trafficking on the theme “Lets develop our lives, our communities, our identities without drugs”. The programme was moderated by Antimangyang, Retainer Lawyer, Tuensang DLSA.
N Kano, Chief Judicial Magistrate, Tuensang, and Secretary TLDSA delivered an introduction on the Legal services Authority in his keynote address. Yangpi, Programme Manager, ITS, highlighted the Role of TI (Targeted Intervention) and shared on ITS activities. Z James Sema, SDPO, Tuensang, spokes on “Legal Provisions on Narcotic Drugs and Illicit trafficking” while Dr. Sungmo, DPO (NLEP), CMO Office, Tuensang, spoke on “Misuse of Drugs and Its Health Hazards & PC & PNDT Act”. She emphasized the concept of Pre concept and PNDT Act and elaborated on prohibition of sex determination. She also stated that depression and emotional stress leads to addiction. Tsheliu, EAC, Tuensang, was the Special Guest of the programme. She said “drugs dependence is a brain disease which harms individual, family and society therefore adopting healthy life contribute the betterment of the society”.
An introduction to NALSA scheme called ‘Legal Services to victims of Drug Abuse and Eradication of Drug Menace’ Scheme 2015 was presented and apprised by Yimtsusangla Chang, Legal Aid Council-cum-trainer, Nagaland State Legal services Authority. She highlighted the importance of setting up of special unit, comprising of Judicial Officer, Administration, Police, Medical, Revenue, Forest Departments, Lawyers, Para Legal Volunteers and NGO workers with the aim to render better services to the victims of drug abuse. The programme concluded with an interaction session and summing up by the Chairperson. The day was a progressive one with the participation of multi- sectoral collaboration where stakeholders from the Department of Health, Police, NGOs, Gaon Burahs and Dobashis.
Wokha: The Wokha DLSA commemorated the Day by organizing a programme at Mount Tiyi Government College in collaboration with the Nagaland Users Network (NUN) targeting the student masses. Principal of Mt. Tiyi Government College welcomed the participants and highlighted the significance of the day. Advovate Gracy Ezung, Retainer Lawyer of Wokha DLSA, spoke on the meaning and essence of observing the International Day of Anti-Drugs and Illicit Trafficking. Later, Zachamo Ovung, Project Officer, North East Technical Support unit Users (NETSU) spoke on the aspects of Role & Activities of Nagaland User Network.
Members of the Nagaland Users Network (NUN) gave testimonies on the real world facts and experiences as drugs users and abusers. Renbemo Tungoe, Asst. Public Prosecutor, Wokha, elaborated on the framework of the National Legal Services Authority Scheme; ‘Legal services to the victims of drug abuse and eradication of drug menace scheme – 2015’. The Programme was chaired by Advocate MA Lotha, Panel Lawyer of Wokha DLSA, and concluded with vote of thanks by Advocate Renbonthing.
A competition on the topic “Slogan writing Competition” was also organised by Wokha DLSA. The prize award was sponsored by Nino Iralu, District & Sessions Judge, Wokha, and the 1st prize was bagged by Erenbeni J Jami, B.A 3rd Semester of Mt. Tiyi Govt. College; 2nd prize by Benchilo Lotha of B.A 3rd Semester of Mt. Tiyi Govt. College; and, 3rd prize by Thungden M.Lotha, B.A 3rd Semester of Mt. Tiyi Government College, Wokha.
Longleng: In Longleng, the International Day of Anti-Drugs and Illicit Trafficking was observed at the Longleng District Court Building.
Mane Phom, Retainer Lawyer of Longleng DLSA, spoke on the implications of NDPSA Act 1983 and P Monyei Phom, Panel Lawyer, spoke on “Ill Effect of Drugs”. Imlichuba Ohoma, Para Legal Volunteer, spoke on the provisions of the Legal Services Authority Act 1987.
Dimapur: Dimapur DLSA observed International Day against Drug abuse & Illicit trafficking by organizing a programme at Bethesda Rehabilation centre. The programmeas chaired by R ongshithung Kithan, Project Manager. Dzuvinuo Chadi, Pnel Lawyer briefed on the cornerstones of Legal services institution. She also emphasized on the eligibility criteria of personswho are entitled to free legal aid such as the physically challenged, economically weak, ST and SC, a person with income less than rupees 1 lakh annually. Such people are beneficiaries of Free Legal Services and are entitled to get free legal aid. Chadi also highlighted the Commemorating various Central and State Government schemes.
Zuchumpeni spoke on NALSA Scheme called ‘Legal Services to the victim of drug abuse& eradication of drug’. She highlighted on the efforts extended by the Government agencies and NGOs, the laiddown framework and approach to fight and eradicate the drug abuse and menace created by drug usage, out crying that it is our sole responsibility to spread awareness on the ill-effects of drug abuse and illicit trafficking to fellow citizen.
Wonchibeni Patton, First Class Judicial Magistrate-cum-Chairman of Juvenile Justice Board (JJB), spoke on the significance of the day citing that alcohol and drug abuse affects everyone in society causing adverse negative impact within the social setup. Patton stated that WHO has commemorated the day to fight against drug abuse and to curb the drug supply. She further underscored the imperatives of tackling the issue stating that we have to help each other by listening to the child and youth is the first step. She also emphasized that children and youth are the most vulnerable to drugs due to pressure, frustration, all the issues and complications in life. Patton further stated that the drug abuse is not only illicit but also illegal and the term of imprisonment may even extend up o 10 years. Later she remarked that it is our duty to give our commitment towards the stand against the Drug that, we should not be a slave or control over by drug rather overcome and control it. She also stated that today is not a day to celebrate but to join hands and fight against the social evils of dug uses and trafficking.
Mokokchung: In Mokokchung, a seminar on the theme “Lets develop our communities, our identities without drugs” was jointly held by the Mokokchung DLSA, Police Deptt, ABAM, AKM, Christ Curch and MMA, at Penli Ward Community Hall. Bendnagwati Aier, PD, CCC, poke on the significance and message of the observance of the day followed by a special number presented by Alcoholic Anonymous MTBA fellowship.
Rongsen, Recovering Addict, MUN, shared various aspects of drug abuses and trafficking.
The programme was chaired by Joshua Data Manager, OST, while Short Message on Drug uses, addiction, ill effect, exploitation and illegal trafficking was presented by Dr. Kibang, Dy. CMO, Dinesh Gupta, IPS, SDPO, Mokokchung.
Zunheboto: In Zunheboto, the 5 Assam Rifles and Kripa Foundation-CCFZ jointly organised a programme in association with the Zunheboto District Legal Services Authority held at 5 Assam Rifle, Pancham Hall, Zunheboto.
The programme also saw the participation of various organizations and members of stakeholders such as the Zunheboto Users Forum, Salvatus Christian society, DAPCU, GBs & DBs, SBCZ, ZTSBC, Tenyimia church, Ao church, Green club and DIPR. The importance and outline of the Programme was elaborated by Tovi Z Yeptho, Retainer Lawyer, Zunheboto District Legal Services Authority. Tovi later also apprised the participants on the underlying provisions and framework of the NALSA Schemes.
SALVATUS shared on the DIC experience with regard to the alarming situations prevailing in the district of Zunheboto. The KRIPA Foundation highlighted the Drug Addiction Scenario in Zunheboto and the menace of illicit trafficking and the issues faced as a result of dependence on drugs and addiction.
Meanwhile, similar programmes were also held in Mon District by Mon DLSA, in Kohima by Kohima DLSA and in Peren by Peren DLSA.
These reports were informed by Naga News.
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