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Divided NPGs united in unabated taxation: ACAUT Nagaland

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DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 16: ACAUT Nagaland has alleged that while divisions among Naga Political Groups (NPGs) have given rise to many splintered Naga groups, but all the divided NPGs seems to be united when it comes to unabated taxation.
Raising the issue of some unscrupulous elements targeting the transport sector in the State, ACAUT, in a statement, highlighted the grievances raised by the All Nagaland Taxi Association (ANTA), which has around 6000 members, that unabated taxation by multiple NPGs has reached a back breaking point for its members especially because of the pandemic.
ACAUT also raised the issue of syndicate system prevalent in goods transport agency, highlighting that two hardworking and courageous mothers, have been facing untold obstacles and mental harassment because of a “non local kingpin named Goshi, who is harboured and protected by some locals with vested interests”.
Lauding Dimapur police for arresting the alleged kingpin as per a FIR lodged, ACAUT said Mrs Tokali and Mrs Khesheli have been bringing second hand bales through their East India Transport Agency without paying to the syndicate and selling them few thousands cheaper to mostly Naga women working to feed their families.
“The duo defiance against the dictates of the syndicate has ruffled up the feathers of the higher echelons among the divided NPGs but who are all united when it comes to unabated taxation”, it alleged.
The panacea to these entire livelihood threatening survival issues, according to ACAUT, is to bring about an honourable political settlement at the earliest.
Lamenting that the 25th year of ceasefire has resulted in a dozen of legitimate NPGs, which are likely to increase further, ACAUT maintained that the ground rules under the present ceasefire is defective and have scuttled its purpose due to its inherent loopholes.
“For too long these lacunae have been exploited and have allowed forced collections and multiple taxation making the majority of the citizens suffer unbearably”, it said while urging the Chairman of the Ceasefire Monitoring Board to rectify “these flaws” before any future ceasefire extensions.
“The cadres of various NPGs should be kept under strict surveillance along with stringent restrictions of movement by arm cards holders. All designated camps should be adequately provided for”, it suggested.
ACAUT also wanted the Nagaland Government to mull over introducing a stringent anti- criminal law; with or without the removal of AFSPA vis-à-vis the Oting massacre.
Stating that the NPF promised in 2003 Naga solution “within 3 months”, the BJP declared “election for solution” and the formation of the second “oppositionless Government” for Naga solution will face its litmus test in the next year general election, ACAUT insisted that this time the responsibility and importance to choose the right people’s representatives have come upon the Naga electorates as never before.
“The Naga public cannot be taken for a ride anymore and the tipping point for a public revolution is drawing near. The million dollar question is, whether we will allow a few hundreds of Nagas to control the fate and future of the hundred thousands of Nagas or we break this depraved vicious cycle once and for all. When the right time comes for call to action it should be the bounden duty of every right thinking citizens to raise to the occasion and partake in transforming Nagaland”, it stated.
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