Tuesday, July 16, 2024

District Tobacco Control Cell Longleng notifies

Dimapur, September 24: In regard to smoke free district Hq campaign, District tobacco control cell Longleng has informed that any person/individual found smoking or chewing tobacco products in public places like Government Offices, Hospitals, Bus Station, Sumo station, Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Collage, Streets, Market Places etc. shall be imposed a fine of Rs. 200 under section 4 of Copta Act 2003 which bans of cigarette and other tobacco products in public places.
Further, all Governmental Offices, Municipal Authority and NGOs have been directed to mandatory put up signage, in all Government and Private offices and public places, failing which they will be liable to pay a fined of Rs 200 as per the district tobacco control cell Longleng.
(Page News Service)