Sunday, September 19, 2021
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District HQ at Chumu can unify Nagas: SC Jamir


KOHIMA, SEPTEMBER 1: Shifting of Dimapur District Headquarters to Chumukedima can unify Nagas of Nagaland when all the different tribes inhabiting the town develop a sense of belonging as well as ownership of Chumukedima, said veteran Naga politician SC Jamir.

Joining volunteers in a social work cleaning up the compounds of the District HQ Complex this morning, Jamir elaborated on how during his tenure as Nagaland Chief Minister his Cabinet decided to shift the district HQ to Chumukedima:
“Just as Kohima District HQ is located at Kohima, other district HQs are located in Naga towns with Naga names. Dimapur is not a Naga name and we must remember that even the British rulers located their HQ at Samagooting (Chumukedima), and not at Dimapur. “Since Nagaland is considered a hill State, we thought it would be appropriate to situate the District HQ on the slopes of Chumukedima. However, after I left State politics, it is good that the State Government had decided to shift the location to the present site because it has more space. In fact, it is a sprawling area with vast potentials for further development unlike the present location near Assam border. The Government has spent so much to construct this magnificent complex and there is no reason why the public should oppose shifting of the HQ to this site. Moreover, we must remember that the District HQ, wherever it is located, does not belong to a particular community – it belongs to all permanent inhabitants of the district.
“Chumukedima area is inhabited by all the different tribes of Nagaland and shifting of Dimapur District HQ to Chumukedima can unify the Nagas when all inhabitants develop a sense of belonging and ownership of the town.
“I am an Ao Naga, but I have moved out of my native village and have even shifted my Church membership to Ao Baptist Church, Chumukedima, because I have decided that I shall live and die here at Chumukedima. I want all residents of Chumukedima to consider themselves as belonging to this town; to consider themselves as hailing from Chumukedima, and not merely dwelling here.

“The future belongs to the youth of today, and so the youth must impress on the Administration to have proper plan and design for the town. We must have a blue print for the future. And we must start with wide roads, proper drainages, water supply, Parks for recreation, good schools and colleges and good hospitals in the area.
“Most importantly,” Jamir said, “we must do away with tribalism from our minds. Nagas are a family, yet we quarrel amongst ourselves over petty issues. This is very unfortunate.”
He also exhorted the youths to have the determination to excel in whatever they do.
“Israel is a small nation surrounded by not-so-friendly Arab countries. Yet, it has not only survived but has flourished in all aspects of life because the people have a strong bond and have the determination to survive and excel”, he said.
He went on to urge the citizens of the area to make Dimapur District HQ Chumukedima, as and when it is shifted to the proposed site, a model district HQ for the people of Nagaland.
The social work this morning was organised by Chumukedima Circle Chakhro Public Organisation and was attended by around 200 volunteers from neighbouring villages.
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