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District Action Plan reduced extortion & illegal taxation activities: Dimapur CP

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Refutes social media claims on hit-and-run case

DIMAPUR, JUNE 6: Amidst numerous claims and speculations making rounds on the social media relating to the unfortunate demise of a 20-year-old student after she was hit by a vehicle near St. Joseph University campus at Ikishe Model Village, Chumoukedima, on May 25, the Dimapur Police on Monday maintained that no arrest has been made regarding the case yet.
Interacting with media persons here at the Commissioner of Police Office, Dimapur, CP Dimapur Rothihu Tetseo revealed that though the type of vehicle has been identified, the number of it is not clear and there are no direct eye witnesses he therefore urged the public to come forward if they have any information. He stated that the Dimapur Police is trying its best to close on the culprit.
DCP Crime Bharat Laxman Markad categorically ruled out, on the occasion, the claims made on social media about the involvement of a particular vehicle and driver in the incident and stated that the Dimapur Police has gotten hold of a number of footages after extensive search along the route, even exploring areas in Assam and Kohima, and have identified the type of vehicle. The footages now have been sent for forensic analysis. Without revealing much information about the investigation citing it might impact the case, he added that they are also trying to get telephonic and other technological data.
Tetseo, while denying any chance of compromise to public safety due to removal of check gates, quipped that if the check gate at Chumoukedima had been there and the CCTV were in place, it would have be easier to get hold of the culprit, explaining that the footages the police received were taken from cameras which were installed and positioned in a way to fulfill the needs of the business owners and individuals.
One murdered; 3, including 2 children die in fire
Commenting on another case in which one 38-year-old man from Assam, who was found murdered in a hotel at Dimapur, Markad informed that a total of 5 people have been detained in the connection but it would be too early to come to any conclusion.
He said that the incident took place between the midnight of May 20 and afternoon of May 21 in three different locations where the victim was thrashed and ultimately murdered. Initially, the police registered an Unnatural Death case, but later an FIR was registered on the complaint of the victim’s mother.
The victim was a resident of Assam and had been in Nagaland to attend a birthday party. An SIT has also been formed regarding this.
On reports of 2 children allegedly being burnt to death by their own mother in a recent incident at Ihotovi Village, Dimapur, both Tetseo and Markad denied the claim and cleared that the fire incident was an accident and it is unlikely that the mother did it as she herself suffered 90% burn in the incident and later succumbed to her injuries.
Overall law and order situation in Dimapur peaceful
Tetseo, giving a brief overview of the law and order situation in the districts of Dimapur, Niuland and Chumoukedima, collectively referring to them as “Dimapur”, said that the overall law and order situation in Dimapur from January 1 to June 3, 2022 has been peaceful and under control.
He said that under the District Action Plan (DAP), Dimapur Police is deploying extra enforcement to control extortion and illegal taxation activities and since the implementation of the DAP on September 16, 2021, extortion cases have come down.
The DCP revealed that in 2021, after theft, extortions were the second most prevalent cases (99), which this year has come down to the third position (38 cases and 57 arrests), after violation of NLTP Act cases (49 cases and 52 arrests). Theft remains the crime with highest number of cases in 2022 (137 cases and 44 arrests) in Dimapur like the previous year and cases of thefts of two-wheelers remained the most prevalent type of theft.
The CP explained among other factors the use of unregistered vehicles as a cause that makes vehicles recovery difficult. He said that owners need to register their vehicles in Nagaland within 6 months after they bring them from other States, but many a time owners don’t do that. During the briefing, he also suggested that the owners need to be more cautious about the places they are parking their vehicles that make them easier to be stolen.
Markad added that to contain thefts, a team has been formed as well as an anti-vehicle theft squad. Further, two ANPR cameras has been installed at 3rd Mile at Nagarjan by-pass junction, he said, adding that two cameras are still less however, they are very costly but using the revenue collected from traffic, 50% of which Dimapur Police can use for enhancing public safety, these could be procured.
On questions of violations of MVA Act, the DCP urged the people to have proper documentations and follow the rules, while maintaining that if all the yardsticks of the Act are strictly implemented by the police, there could be hardly any vehicle seen plying as people blatantly violate them and if the police intervenes they are blamed instead.
On questions of checking ILPs in the absence of check-gates, the CP said that since there are no check-gates and police cannot stop vehicles without the enforcement inspection team, headed by ADC, the police cannot check ILPs unless they have specific information.
Meanwhile, the DCP informed that in the first half of the year 2022, the police registered 83 cases under NLTP Act and NDPS Act and 102 persons were arrested. Under extortion and Arms Act, 58 cases were registered and 93 persons were arrested. Out of the 58 cases registered, under extortion and Arms Act, 18 cases were detected by Assam Rifles, along with police representatives and the remaining 40 cases were detected by police. Also, Traffic Enforcement in the period challaned 7,500 defaulters and 10 persons were detained under NSA 1980.
Of the total 745 cases registered in Nagaland till May 31, 2022, the three districts comprised 348 cases and till June 3, the districts had 356 cases and 309 arrests. Among these, there were 3 murder cases (2 arrested), 6 cases of kidnapping and abduction (16 arrested), 10 cases of death due to negligence (6 arrested), and 34 cases under NDPS Act (50 arrests).
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