Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Dismiss corrupt PDA for corruption-free Govt post-solution: NPCC


Dimapur, November 1: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has sought dismissal of the PDA Government for a corruption free Government in the State post Naga solution.
In a statement, NPCC president K Therie alleged that the NDPP and its leaders have systemised corruption at all levels, abandoned roads, failed to improve water supply to the capital in 15 years’ rule, centralisation of funds ignoring districts and sub-divisions, diversion of CSS funds, etc.
“Post solution with this character of Government, will give no change,” he stated.
Therie reasoned that since the elected leaders have already committed to pave the way for solution, “they should honour their commitment to pave the way for interim government.”
Welcoming peaceful solution to the Naga issue, Therie said, “Through solution, we hope to see one administration, one law, one government and one tax. GoI of India has assured to consult stakeholders before finalisation of the solution. It is proper. We will contribute our mind if given opportunity.”
“The impact will be upon every citizen. We want Government of India to ensure a corruption free government post solution,” he stated.
Therie also accused the NDPP of “making a mountain out of a molehill”. He reminded that the JLF resolution is of paying salute to RN Ravi, the new Governor of Nagaland while one of the resolutions is asking to settle the problem with no conditions. “The policy to actively facilitate has no more meaning than relaxing the law that protects the public from extortion and illegal taxes by over 50 organisations. It has not outlined any political or economic aspirations of the people. The PDA resolution has just endorsed the JLF’s resolution. They are writing between the lines to escape,” he alleged.
Stating that the NNDP is a new born child like political party in Nagaland, he said, “They have neither history nor organization in the grass roots. It has came to power with corrupt money. They are a group of defectors who are not committed to any ideology. The party is responsible for vacating to 20 seats of Nagaland Legislatively Assembly to a communal party. The party is also responsible for changes in demography of Nagaland from a well disciplined Christian society to alarming characters.”
On NDPP allegation of his defection from party to party, Therie put on record that he had never defected in his life. “I have never defected in my life. I was expelled for opposing ‘Bedrock of Naga Society’ and for opposing shift of NPF’s policy on the Naga issue, I was dropped by Shri Neiphiu Rio. I am happy for I believe I stood for the people Nagaland.”
Stating that most of NDPP were Congress when Congress was in ruling and party to 16 PA and Art 371(A), Therie said if they are questioning Congress, they are questioning themselves too. “They are all aware that it was continuously opposed by Naga National Workers. Even today a section continues to oppose and therefore, Congress’ policy being non-violent, did not wish to confront. In turn, Congress adopted a policy to offer talks without pre-conditions. This is the reason the 16 PA and Art.371(A) were left almost dormant.”
“NDPP and its sympathisers have continued to oppose 16 PA and Art 371(A) till yesterday (31st Oct 2019). After solution was at sight with Art.371(A), it is now championing and asking why Congress has failed to fully utilise,” he said.
However expressing happiness that NDPP for the first time is speaking of the need to fulfil the 16 PA and fully utilise Art.371(A), Therie added, “If the ruling Government can restore and fully implement, we shall be happier that anyone else. The matter is in the hands of the Government of the day. Please show us by your action.” (Page News Service)