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Discrepancies mar State Govt’s assistance to stranded citizens

Kohima, April 28: The State Government’s good intention of providing cash assistance to citizens stranded outside the State due to the COVID-19 pandemic has landed in discrepancy.
Lately the State Government had announced financial assistance to its citizens stranded outside the State – cash of Rs 20,000 to a patient, a professional or working person – Rs 4000 and student – Rs 3000. But many are yet to avail the assistance due to discrepancy in the system.
Earlier, there was report of leakage of data of stranded students, like personal information including bank account details, AADHAAR number, phone numbers, address etc, in the public domain, which can be easily manipulated by fraudsters.
The State Bank of India has clarified that there were many instances of same accounts with different names and that the bank has consulted the State Government on the issue and working on the list. Further the verified beneficiary list from the Government will be accredited on Tuesday (April 28).
State Government source said the matter has been clarified as it was a banking issue, adding there are many safety precautions put in place by the banks as there were repetition of names. Some people having no bank account are using friends’ accounts, which had complicated the matter. This has led to double transaction also, it was informed.
Officials said there have been several cases of fraud where many tried to register multiple times to avail the benefit more than once. Also some dishonest people had tried to register from within the State too by falsely indicating that they are stranded outside.
There were also reports of many people who had tried to falsely register as patients stranded outside. “Illegal elements have also tried to create problems. People from abroad have also tried to register,” the official said. He said the Government is battling with issues on all fronts round the clock even as the Government has been clearing hundreds of payments every day.
He said problems and such issues are inevitable as security protocols are put in place. “We would appreciate if our children reach out to us when such things occur instead of going to social media in a negative manner,” the Government spokesman said. He said the State Government is ready to help the needy people in times like this. (Page News Service)