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Disability Rights Activist suggests RT & AT in state’s draft tourism policy


Dimapur, July 25: In the wake of the Tourism Department seeking inputs from public with regards of Draf Nagaland Tourism Policy, a Disability Rights Activist, Diethono Nakhro has pointed out that the policy does not mention anything about Responsible Tourism (RT), which is gaining widespread acceptance across the world today as the best way to maximize the positive impacts of tourism and minimize the negative ones.
She also mentioned that the Barrier Free design mentioned in the Strategy/Action Plan with respect to People with Disabilities is “vague and ambiguous”.
She said that Accessible Tourism (AT) is now the focus all over the world, including India. Nagaland cannot afford to bring out a new tourism policy without Accessible Tourism as the underlying standard as it takes this step to streamline and re-organize the sector, she said adding, it is both a human rights imperative, as well as an exceptional business opportunity.
Meanwhile, in a representation to Additional Director (HoD), Department of Tourism, the Disability Rights Activists suggested that the guiding principles of Responsible Tourism as laid down in the Cape Town Declaration of 2002 must be included in black and white in the policy and must be the starting point of the new Nagaland Tourism Policy to guide all actions plans of tourism in the state.
She further cited data from World Health Organization in regards to people with disabilities in the world.
She further said with the right approach, the tourism sector also has a golden opportunity to serve an important and growing market, win new customers and increase revenue at a time when other segments of the market may be weakening. She said Nagaland must make Accessible Tourism the underlying standard as it takes this step to streamline and reorganise the sector. (Full Text)
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