Thursday, June 20, 2024

Disability Leadership workshop held in Dimapur

Disability workshop

Dimapur, May 1: The Office of the State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Government of Nagaland, in collaboration with the Nagaland State Disability Forum, organized a state-level Disability Leadership Workshop on April 30 at Tourist Lodge Dimapur. The workshop saw the participation of 44 individuals with disabilities from 11 districts.
Disability Commissioner, Diethono Nakhro spoke about the duties and functions of the Office of the State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities. She also informed the participants about the various steps being taken in the state to implement the provisions of the RPwD Act 2016.
She further counselled young people with disabilities about rights and responsibilities while stating that they go hand in hand.
“As we enjoy your rights, such as the right to education, healthcare, employment, and inclusion, it’s important to also fulfil our responsibilities, be disciplined and to always give our best in everything we do,” she said.
Rupa Dutta, Assistant Professor in the Department of English at Pranabananda College, delivered a comprehensive session on personality development and social etiquette, enriching the attendees with valuable insights and strategies for personal growth and effective social interactions.
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