Sunday, May 9, 2021

Director of Shashank denies in film based on SSR

Sushant Singh Rajput2

The director of movie Shashank has denied in the Delhi High Court that the film is based on the life of late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, saying the story portrays struggle of outsiders in the industry. Sanoj Mishra has claimed the film’s story is based on four persons, who struggle and fight against nepotism in the film industry in Mumbai.

Mishra made the submissions in an affidavit filed in response to a suit filed by Rajput’s father Krishna Kishore Singh, who has sought to restrain anyone from using his son’s name or likeness in movies. Some of the upcoming or proposed movie projects, based on Rajput’s life, mentioned in the plea, are – Nyay: The Justice, Suicide or Murder: A star was lost, Shashank and an unnamed crowd-funded film.
According to the suit, Nyay is scheduled to be released in June, while shooting has commenced with regard to Suicide or Murder: A star was lost and Shashank. The high court on April 20 asked the producers of these proposed and upcoming films to respond to the plea and has listed the matter for hearing on May 24. The director, in his response filed through advocate A P Singh, also raised the issue of territorial jurisdiction of the Delhi High Court to entertain the suit.
He said Singh was a resident of Bihar and the FIR in relation to the actor’s death was also filed in the state while other pending cases are in Mumbai, even the addresses of defendants are situated in Maharashtra, and the jurisdiction of Delhi High Court to entertain the suit is not made out. The film of defendant no 7 (Mishra) Shashank’ is totally based on portraying struggle of outsiders in Bollywood. The theme and story is based on four young boys. Defendant no 7 is also a great example of the struggles of an outsider of Mumbai in Bollywood, the reply said.
The director has urged the court that the suit be dismissed. The suit, filed through advocates Akshay Dev, Varun singh, Abhijeet Pandey and Samruddhi Bendbhar, said the defendants (filmmakers) were taking advantage of the situation and had been trying to encash this opportunity for ulterior motives. (PTI)