Dimapurians clean plastic waste on World Environment Day

Dimapurians clean plastic waste on  World Environment Day

Dimapur, June 5: In the wee hours of this year’s ‘World Environment Day’, more than 800 participants belonging to different organizations and institutes gathered together around the illustrious Clock Tower, in the absence of absolute traffic congestion with sacks and gloves, in an endeavor to clean up the plastic waste scattered along the roads of Dimapur as well as to create awareness about environment.
The gathering had participants from 17 educational institutions, two churches, a number of NGOs, unions, clubs, DMC and individual volunteers.
Prior to dividing the participants into different group and assigning different areas of the city, DMC Administrator, Moa Sangtam told them that the cleanliness drive would be in line with the United Nation’s theme for the year ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ and thereby, the participants should only gather plastic wastes.
To make sure that the theme is strictly adhered to, distribution of packaged drinking water was also refrained and thus the volunteers, which had both children as well as adults, had to carry their own water bottles.
Once dispersed after being divided into 16 different groups, with a leader each, the groups went about in their respective assigned areas with sacks collecting every bit of plastic waste they could find. This went on for two hours from 6 am to 8 am on Tuesday morning.
Later, talking to the media, Moa Sangtam said that the participants that had gathered around the clock tower weren’t the only people cleaning the city but each locality would be doing the same with their own local volunteers and after the cleaning was done, the garbage thus collected would be brought to DMC using the 25 dumping trucks that would go from colony to colony.
He revealed that the garbage would then be weighed to make an estimation of how much plastic waste the city is generating. Also, brand audit would be done of the wastes to find which companies/brands are causing pollutions in the city and the report so obtained would be handed over to the responsible authorities for further actions.
He added that there are certain regulations that the brands are supposed to follow about their wastes and the report would be an instrument to see if they are indeed following them.
On the sideline, he also talked about how DMC is trying its best to make a cleaner Dimapur and how it has been experimenting with the idea of using plastic as a road construction material and said that it can but only show a way out through its little experiments while the big tasks are needed to be taken up by the government.
He, nevertheless, expressed optimism about the plastic roads saying this type of roads are not only economical but also consume one ton of plastic per kilometer of road and said that DMC is planning to come up with another small stretch of road for public use. He informed that DMC has also ordered one plastic shredding machine.
OBASSI carries out plantation drive
Old Boys Association of Sainik School Imphal, Nagaland Chapter also observed World Environment Day in the premise of Civil Hospital by planting 40 saplings.
Special invitee for the occasion Kesonyu Yhome, IAS, Commissioner of Taxes, Nagaland declaring the plantation drive said that planting a plant today will make a big difference tomorrow and despite of how cliché it might sound, acting locally and thinking globally is the way forward.
“Every big change starts with something small like this,” he said. (Page News Service)