Monday, April 19, 2021
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Dimapur traffic cops undertake drive to stop stolen vehicles entering State


Dimapur, April 17: Following reports of large number of stolen vehicles from other Northeastern states landing in Nagaland, the State police here has stepped up vigil to check entry of such vehicles into the State.
In Dimapur, the traffic police have set up frisking points at various locations to check vehicle documents like driving license, insurance, helmets etc. and is keeping an eye on vehicles with registration numbers from other states.
“Significantly the ongoing drive by Dimapur Traffic Police has drastically reduced the rate of stolen vehicles passing through our checkpoints. We have recovered many stolen vehicles recently. But the chances of fully containing the menace of car lifters are yet to be achieved. They do the reece before venturing out with the stolen vehicle,” remarked Jatila Jamir, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Dimapur.
Talking to Nagaland Page, she appreciated the role of Dimapur Traffic Police personnel who are sweating out, toiling hard to man the traffic points for easy flow of vehicles, besides educating motorist and two-wheelers the need to travel with proper vehicle documents, driving license, insurance, etc.
“We are making every effort to educate the two-wheeler riders to use helmet for their safety, we are sparing none,” she said.
Jatila further said everyone should abide by the rules and regulations and respect it as it is for the benefit of the public. “Those without helmets need to pay the fine. A helmet cost Rs 200 minimum and so it is indeed a safety measure too. A helmet is cheap but the fines are dearer and that acts as a crucial deterrent. It will be a regular drive and they need to maintain it,” she insisted.
“We are sparing none,” she reiterated.
On the traffic snarls after every few minutes in some areas of Dimapur such as Nyamo Lotha, Over Bridge, Fly Over, GS Road, etc, she admitted that there is “traffic snarls at every point,” and said on reason for the traffic jams is the random parking of vehicles. “It’s khushi khusi parking here and there”, but now “no khushi khusi parking will be tolerated. It will be regulated parking,” she assured.
“We are working out to ease the traffic and many things more needs to be done,” she added.
When enquired about parking lots for organized parking in Dimapur, she said, “Dimapur is not an organized town. Hardly there are parking spaces within the town and the planning of the town has not been up to the mark. In fact in other cities we find every shopping malls, apartments and buildings having their own ground floor parking space but out here in Dimapur we do not have such. Even the big shopping malls which are regularly coming up in Dimapur have no ground floor parking spaces even for its own employees”.
She also lamented that new buildings are being constructed but no one bothers about a ground floor parking space which is a must. Even the owner of the building and tenants doesn’t have space to park his or her vehicles and the only space they find to park is on the road, she added.
On lack of parking spaces in the town area, Jatila said, “We have set up separate parking spaces for vehicles and two-wheelers in many locations such as New Market, Nyamo Lotha Road etc but the traffic congestion has not eased out.”
The entry of vehicles entering Nagaland from other districts as well as from other states contributes much towards further traffic congestions, she said.
“We do not have ample space to park the long fleets of vehicles. Whatever we have we are trying to work it out but that is not sufficient because every day new vehicles are making their entry,” she asserted.
She disclosed that on an average 800 vehicles are being purchased in Dimapur District alone in a month and so there are more vehicles plying on the road and all these factors contribute much for the traffic congestion. Besides, there are thousands of unauthorized auto rickshaws plying in Dimapur. It is estimated to be officially 15,000 auto rickshaws in Dimapur but there are few thousands unauthorized auto rickshaws plying in Dimapur and that is also contributing towards heavy traffic. It needs to be regulated, she said.
Jatila opined that there is a large space below the Flyover in Hongkong market area, where hawkers are selling clothes and other items and if that tract of land can be allotted to Dimapur Traffic Police then it would definitely be able to ease the traffic congestions smoothly because hundred of vehicles can be parked in that space.
“People can park their vehicles in that parking lot and do their shopping. Definitely it will ease the traffic congestion as well as the anxieties and stress public undergo, but the plan will take time to materialize,” she said.
Stressing on the NST bus point located near the Railway Station, she said, “If NST shifts to ISBT then that very space can also be used as parking space. It will indeed ease the heavy flow of traffic and it’s much beneficial for the general public too.”
Similarly, the AR Transit camp opposite Hill Star Cinema Hall if it can be shifted far from the town to another location than that large area in the heart of the town can also be used as a parking space, she suggested. (Page News Service)