Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Page Mail

Dimapur thrives on garbages piled in every street corner

Dear Madam,
Dimapur a developing town is also one of the dirtiest towns in the state if I am not wrong. If one travels throughout the town one can see plenty of garbage piled up at every nook and corners of the streets. It is pathetic to look at and one can only consider that we are accustomed to such unhygienic way of life style.
Shopkeepers and residents randomly throw their garbages on the road side or street corners without any fear for the administration. It seems none is bothered to question such practises widely prevalent in Dimapur. The DMC garbage dumping vehicle is very often irregular and such irregularities adds up the tons of stinking garbages emanating foul smells throughout causing extreme anxiety to residents and passersby.
Village council needs to take up more proactive role in this regard. It is not that the Village Councils had never initiated such cleanliness drives. Regular cleanliness drives in many areas of Dimapur are undertaken by the Village Councils, Civil Societies and educational establishments. Despite such efforts the moot point of a clean Dimapur seems to be a matter of great distance. Administration needs to gear up and pertinently each and every residents of Dimapur should start respecting the very place where they dwell. A sense of belonging should prevail. That will create more vibes towards a clean Dimapur.
Reshma Shaikh, Dimapur