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Dimapur sees spike in COVID-19 cases as nightlife comes alive


‘Booze joints stay open past midnight’

DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 2: Even as there is a surge in COVID-19 cases in Dimapur District, authorities here remain lackadaisical but complacent in strictly enforcing guidelines issued by Health authorities to control the spread of the virus.
Dimapur continues to have the highest number of COVID-19 active cases in Nagaland at 730 (699 asymptomatic cases & 31 symptomatic cases), which is over 67% of the total active cases (1078) in the State as on October 1.
While the surge in COVID positive cases in the district should have pushed the authorities here to step up vigil to control the pandemic from creating havoc, the opposite is being seen here.
Indifference towards implementing guidelines seems to have crept in with Unlock-4 since September and with implementation of Unlock-5, which is yet to be enforced in the State, the situation is only bound to worsen.
In offices and markets, social distancing is not being observed while most people carry masks but don’t wear them. And when simple guidelines like wearing masks, washing hands and maintaining distance is not observed during daytime, consider the situation at night.
Almost all bars/booze joints masquerading as restaurants, lounges, etc., in ‘Dry Nagaland’ have opened since Unlock-4 and are operating in full swing everyday past midnight in Dimapur right under the very nose of the district authorities.
These booze joints, cramped with young people, could be super-spreaders of the Coronavirus but authorities prefer to turn a blind eye to them. Authorities cannot claim lack of knowledge of the operation of such joints in Dimapur town, as the loud music, number of vehicles lined on the road and the motley crowd of inebriated young people outside such joints give them away.
Last week the State COVID-19 weekly bulletin indicated that the increase in number of young adults and students reporting COVID-19 infections in Nagaland could be due to mobility of young people to their workplaces, friends hanging out in restaurants/close settings with no regard to the 3Ws – wash hands, wear mask and watch distance. Complacency, it rued, appears to have set in after the Unlock-4 with non-adherence to standard safety measures.
However, it appears complacency have set in not just among young adults but in the administration as well.
(Page News Service)