Dimapur says no to multiple taxations

Dimapur says no to multiple taxations

Dimapur, June 26: Dimapur based civil societies under the banner of Naga Council Dimapur has reaffirmed its stand on the public action committee resolution passed on 31st October 2013 for ‘One government one tax’.
In a joint meeting with 19 tribal hoho presidents, NWHD, GBs Union (Sadar) and DUCCF on June 23, the public action committee under the aegis of NCD decided to pursue the matter to safeguard public interest.
The meeting which discussed multiple taxation in and around Dimapur observed that underground factions, Naga National Political Groups (NNPG) and groups of individuals are serving demand notices to business community and even individual operators demanding their hard earned money or even contribution for their organization by putting the victims under fear of threat or intimidation.
“Such demands in the presence of fear, threat or cautions cannot be termed as voluntary and necessarily amount to extortion under the Indian Penal Code,” the meeting noted.
The meeting, in the interest of maintaining law and order and providing safety and security to citizens of Dimapur, asked the law enforcing agencies and district administration to register criminal cases against any such group, individual making demands, which are accompanied by threat, intimidation or coercion.
(Page News Service)