Sunday, June 13, 2021
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Dimapur roads worse than village roads, says DDCF


Dimapur, November 11: Dimapur District Citizens’ Forum (DDCF) has informed the stated government that the patience of citizens are running out and situation may turn ugly if things are not done in time accordingly with regard to all developmental activities.
Highlighting the pathetic condition of roads in many stretches of Dimapur, the DDCF said these roads have been neglected for so long that some of them are not even walkable and have become worse than many village roads in rural areas.
In a press release, DDCF president, Y Kikon and general secretary, Richard Haolai stated that Dimapur, being the commercial hub catering to the needs of the people even from the neighbouring states, is left without proper roads and bridges as if there exist no government or competent authority that cares.
It requested the concerned authority or Department to take necessary steps to repair such roads at the earliest for the welfare of the people.
The Forum also took serious note of the slow work of the Dhansiri river bridge connecting Walford and Purana Bazaar. The Forum questioned the government if a time limit has been set for the completion in the DPR and if yes, why is it not enforced. If no, how work has been allotted without timeframe, it asked.
Stating that timely completion of this bridge would ease the public from many hurdles and hardships, the DDCF requested the concerned department to see that contractor completes the work at the earliest before Dimapurians take up the issue. (Page News Service)