Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Dimapur police plans move to curb spread of fake news


Dimapur, April 30: After the success of “20 Lakhs and 2 hours’: Dropout’s Time,” a short video on online frauds as part of its community awareness generation under the project ‘Educom’, Dimapur police is now eyeing an awareness video on ‘Fake News’ to counter the spread of fake news in Nagaland.
Deputy Commissioner of Police Dimapur, Vishal IPS, who helmed the “20 Lakhs and 2 hours’: Dropout’s Time” awareness video said the district police is now looking at creating awareness on the menace of fake news that is being spread through various platform in the State, and which results in creation of law and order situation.
Talking to Nagaland Page today at his chamber along with his team and Childline members, Vishal expressed optimism on the initiatives of Dimapur police to contain fake news in Nagaland, which, he said, is tearing up the society.
“It is seriously creating law and order situations. Fake news is vitiating the atmosphere in the state and it needs to be curbed”, he said.
“We are attempting an educational video on fake news which will educate people further on how fake news are created and spread through social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc with an intent,” he said, while also claiming that news are twisted and edited to add communally inflammatory meanings. On morphed videos, he said it affects the society “because our society believes in seeing”.
On the planned video, Vishal said his team will be focusing on ways to debunk false news and contain it from getting unleashed.
The next video under the ‘Project Educom’ will deeply focus on fake news and it will provide people with better insights and understandings on the ramifications of fake news and how it can be detected as fake news through simple ways, he said.
“We have to defeat the nefarious purposes behind fake news and arrest those spreading and peddling in fake news,” he added.
On ’20 Lakhs and 2 hours’: Dropout’s Time,’ Vishal said it was a major success and made people aware of the need to exercise caution when confronted by spammers and frauds.
Childline members, Dimapur also stressed on ways to curb fake news and how society has to adapt to changing times. (Page News Service)