Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Dimapur police arrests kingpin involved in Rs 80 lakh heist


Dimapur, November 1: Dimapur police has made a breakthrough in the 19th July 2018 heist committed outside the State Bank of India Main Branch, Dimapur, where high profile criminals looted Rs 80 lakhs from a van carrying money to re-fill the ATMs in Dimapur town.
Commissioner of Police, Limasunep, IPS told media persons that Dimapur police took more than 3 months to crack the case and has been able to apprehend the mastermind behind the heist.
He said that the case was cracked with the use of technology and hard work of the police team.
He said that the crime was committed by criminals based in Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu.
About the modus operandi, he disclosed that a gang of these people go and target vulnerable people at banks, especially when they are coming out with money. In most cases, they conduct reccee at different place before committing the crime.
Disclosing that the criminals use ‘attention diversion tactics’ and loot/rob people, the Commissioner of Police said that the police team had done technical surveillance after the heist and managed to zero in some of the criminals.
The kingpin, identified as G S Mudaliyar (60), s/o lat G Mudaliyar was arrested from Howrah Railway Station on October 28 last.
He, along with 10 others, had committed the heist outside SBI Main Branch on July 19 last and looted Rs 80 lakhs meant for ATMs.
Explaining how the police managed to get their hands on the culprits, DCP (Crime), Relo T Aye said that they had no clue as to who had committed the heist at first, but after two week of analyzing the CCTV footages of the area, the police team managed to locate the group responsible for the heist.
He said after lots of investigation, they finally send a team to Kolkata and with the help of Howrah police they are able to arrest the gang leader, who committed the crime.
Relo said that after committing the crime outside SBI Main Branch, they fled and were conversing in different languages like the adivasis.
Police said that there were 11 of them, 8 on the spot, 2 at Dimapur Railway Station and one at Guwahati Railway Station, who coordinated themselves and committed the crime.
Police said that one of the gang members threw some money in front of the van on July 19 and distracted the driver and security personnel, while others got engaged in conservation leaving the money unattended, which was stolen within minutes.
Commissioner of Police said that banks should follow the standard operating procedures as lots of private agencies are involved in financial transactions. He said the private banks also have responsibility for providing security during money transactions.
He thanked the Howrah Police for their cooperation and DGP Nagaland for his support in solving the case. (Page News Service)