Monday, June 14, 2021
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Dimapur orgs push for shops to open on Sundays


Dimapur, March 16: Seven Dimapur based organizations have again pushed for opening of businesses on Sunday even as the Council of Nagalim Churches (CNC), the Church body of the NSCN (IM) that had imposed the closure of shops on Sundays in Dimapur defending the diktat.
In a press release, the Naga Council Dimapur, GBs Union Dimapur, Dimapur Urban Colony Chairman Federation, Naga Women Hoho Dimapur, Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Business Association of Nagaland and East Dimapur Business Association argued that Dimapur is one of the fastest growing metropolitan city perhaps in the whole north-east India having hundred thousands of households where every citizen leads busy lives 24/7 without rest even on holy Sunday.
“Dimapur is not a dead city. It is ever growing on all spheres. Every day, there are sick people needing medical attention for which they travel to Dimapur even on Sunday, through train, buses, air planes and various mode of taxis from in and outside the city. People need food of perishable and non perishables, need resting places away from home, and nowadays, not only Dimapurians but most of the citizens of the state lead busy lives having no time to go for cutting their hair in saloons on week days and to shop for essentials. Such are the facts of life today,” it stated.
On the appeal by the Council for Nagalim Churches (CNC), the organizations asserted that as practicing Christians, they strongly stand on the ‘national faith’ of the Naga people. “However, religion and faith are personal choices and so we have no argument with the CNC.”
The CNC had earlier questioned the civil societies and individuals advocating for business on Sunday “in favour of perishable vegetables against the imperishable God/Yahweh Workshop.”
“What is your choice – vegetable or God?” the CNC had asked.
The 7 organizations mentioned that the authorities in the NSCN/GPRN have allowed petrol pump, hotels and restaurants, medical stores and pharmacies, bakeries and confectionaries, travel agencies, etc. to open one after the other subsequently on Sundays. It also informed that the NSCN authorities are now talking with saloon owners and hoped that the saloons may be open very soon on Sundays.
The 7 organizations also made it clear that Dimapur town cannot be considered for Christ alone because ‘Nagaland for Christ’ is for every nook and corner of Nagaland.
(Page News Service)