Friday, September 24, 2021

Dimapur observes World Hepatitis Day

Dimapur, July 29: Dimapur District observed World Hepatitis Day at CMO’s Office Dimapur today on the theme “Invest in Eliminating Hepatitis”. The programme aims to build awareness on viral Hepatitis and also empower them for appropriate change in societal norms that reinforce positive attitude, beliefs, practice and addresses stigma and discrimination associated with viral hepatitis.
Dr. Molu, as resource person, sensitized the participants on viral hepatitis, its prevention, vaccination, risk factor, treatment and medical management.
He stated that viral hepatitis B and C are major health challenges and their routes of transmission are similar to HIV virus; however, they are easily preventable. Hepatitis B and C are chronic infections that may not show symptoms for a long period, sometimes years or decades. Timely testing and treatment can save lives.
While Hepatitis A and Hepatitis E are acute hepatitis and can be easily acquired as they are transmitted through feaco-oral route, therefore unhygienic food vendors and contaminated food should be avoided. Safe drinking water and hygienic and sanitary toilet should also be maintained.
He further stated that there is no cure for Hepatitis B, however, medication are available to stop the progression of the virus.
He also informed that with launching of National Viral Hepatitis Control Programme in the State, these medications will be made available to the public through the programme.
Dr. K.Vikato Kinimi, Chief Medical Officer also reiterated that prevention is the best cure. He further stated that as health workers, it is our duty to first get the awareness ourselves and then spread the message to our families and our communities. He also appreciated the resource person for enlightening the participants on viral Hepatitis.
The programme was chaired by Dr. Antoly Suu, Dy. Chief Medical Officer Dimapur. As part of the observance programme, the participants were vaccinated with Hepatitis B Vaccine after the programme. (Page News Service)