Dimapur NVCDCP organizes Dengue awareness


Dimapur, August 11: Dimapur National Vector Borne Disease Control Program organised training of trainers on Dengue awareness at Sovima Village Council Hall on August 9.
Dr Rohan, CH Consultant, oriented the participants on the causes of Dengue, and its signs and symptoms. He also trained the participants on how to identify warning signs of progression to severe dengue.
M. Ezewe, DVBDC emphasised the vector causing dengue. He also oriented the participants on the life cycle of the Aedes mosquitoes and how the virus gets transmitted. He also highlighted the various breeding sites of Aedes mosquitoes.
Kikolul Khieya, Assistant Director, UVBDS, oriented the members on the control measures of dengue and also other vector-borne diseases. Some of the control measures include fogging and mosquito repellents. He also emphasised on the source reduction i.e. prevention of control of mosquito breeding sites as a major control measure. He stressed that fogging is done only in areas where cases of dengue and other vector-borne diseases have been detected.
Dr Imtiwabong, DVBDO led the participants in resolving to carry out sanitation drive every week in every household in the community. The training was attended by community leaders of Sovima village, 7th Mile Village, Tenyiphe I, Tenyiphe II, Sodzulhou, 5th Mile Model Village and Unity Village.
(Page News Service)