Monday, June 21, 2021
Page Mail

Dimapur lagging behind in development

Dear Madam,
Dimapur a thriving town seems to be left uncared and unfended by the administration. A minimum twenty minutes of rainfall in Dimapur and one can witness that many roads gets submerged, with waters emanating out also from the drainages till knee and waist level.
It is pathetic and despicable to see such ugly scenes during the rainy seasons. When other towns and cities are on a fast development pace, Dimapur the prime centre of the state is getting worsened day by day.
The administration and the present political dispensation of the state should seriously ponder on this pertinent issue and take steps to clear the drains which are filled up with garbages and many of them are left uncovered. A developed town can only be founded with sound scientific planning and a sense of belongingness should prevail.
Titon Das, Dimapur