Dimapur-Kohima road : NHIDCL clarification exposes Govt’s negligence, says NPF

Dimapur-Kohima road : NHIDCL clarification exposes Govt’s  negligence, says NPF

Dimapur, July 17: A clarification issued by the National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL) on maintenance of the existing 2-lane Dimapur-Kohima road by the contractors undertaking the 4-lane road construction appears to have exposed the PDA Government’s negligence in ensuring that the Dimapur-Kohima road remains motorable.
Replying to information sought by Leader of Opposition, TR Zeliang on July 15, the NHIDCL in its reply on July 16 said, “If at any point of time, Government of Nagaland does feel that contractors are not doing sufficient maintenance, contractors may be summoned and instructed adequately by the Government of Nagaland for necessary action.”
Since massive earth cutting started for construction of the 4-lane road, any semblance of road that existed between Dimapur and Kohima have been buried under piles of soil and slimy mud. With the monsoon rains, the situation has been made worse not just because of the road becoming slippery but by the large potholes along the road making it dangerous for all.
The opposition Naga People’s Front (NPF) was quick to seize on the clarification issued by the NHIDCL to put the Government on the back foot. The party asked if the PDA Government is satisfied with the maintenance work carried out by the contractors undertaking the 4-lane road construction.
“If no, why is the Government on mute mode till date? If yes, it is for the people of Nagaland to judge the responsiveness of PDA Government towards public grievances,” it said.
In a press release, the NPF also reminded that as per relevant clause of the contract agreement, the two firms, M/s ECI Engineering & Construction Co Ltd and M/s Gayatri Projects Ltd, during the construction period are contractually bound to maintain at its own cost the existing lane(s) of the highway.
The NPF resented that the existing 2-lane Dimapur-Kohima highway has turned from bad to worse causing immense hardship to commuters from Manipur and Nagaland. It lamented that despite disclosing the pathetic condition of the highway by the local media, no concrete measures have been initiated by the two construction firms to ease the woes of the general public.
According to the NPF, the response of NHIDCL clearly indicates the negligence of PDA Government, which it alleged, is least bothered about completion of the project or the hardship faced by the people.
“PDA Government must realise that it is in the best interest of the State of Nagaland, for the Government to abandon its infamous practice of shifting blames onto others and rather start focusing on welfare issues like the 4-laning of Dimapur-Kohima Highway, which is the lifeline of the two states,” it added. (Page News Service)