Monday, November 30, 2020

Dimapur has highest HIV infected persons in state

World AIDS Day celebrated across state

Dimapur, December 1: The 31st World AIDS Day was celebrated in Dimapur District Hospital Chapel Hall on the theme “Communities makes the difference”, jointly organized by the District AIDS Prevention and Control Unit (DAPCU) and Dimapur District Legal Services Authority (DDLSA) in collaboration with partner NGOs with Deputy Commissioner, Dimapur, Anoop Khinchi, IAS and Chief Judicial Magistrate, Dimapur and secretary, DDLSA, Ajongba Imchen as guest speakers which was attended by large number of students, civil society members and many HIV infected patients.
Speaking on the occasion Anoop Khinchi IAS said it is very alarming to note that Nagaland is the 3rd highest HIV infected state in India and Dimapur has the highest HIV infected persons in the state and such a trend is unhealthy for all and awareness is a must.
People should be made aware of how it is infected and equally important is to also spread awareness that sitting or associating with a HIV infected patients, one doesn’t get infected with HIV, he added.
On awareness, he said, “Awareness on HIV infections is a must otherwise there is no solutions to end the menace of societal discrimination towards HIV patients”.
“Society is hell bent towards HIV infected people and discrimination against them has been persistently taking place and it should be given a stop”, Anoop Khinchi said.
On societal stigma on HIV infected persons, he said society has an important role to play in knowing many facts before ostracizing HIV infected persons and society should stop looking down on them and it should be given up.
“90% infection is through sexual contacts”, he said and urged all to be wise enough in their private lives and added that a mother infected with HIV can save her baby child in not getting infected.
“On diagnosis if a pregnant woman is found to be infected with HIVs, then immediate treatment should be taken to save the child”, he urged the gathering. With proper treatment, the infected mother can save the child, he added.
Assuring that with the combined efforts of all stake holders, the diseases can be controlled and awareness can be made in the right way so that people still stigmatizing AIDS patients can learn more of it.
“We need to contain the growth rate of HV patients in Dimapur and we need to take steps now. Sex workers are more susceptible to HIV infections, with concerted efforts we all will make a change”, he exuded with confidence,” and urged all to cooperate and spread more awareness.
Lauding the efforts of the organizers for spreading awareness on AIDS and also for supporting the HIV infected people with support system, CJM Ajongba Imchen said, “Come to us for any issue, we are here to help you. People instead of approaching the courts are shouting in the streets and that will not make any differences, only on filing a complaint against those people who are discriminating you, you shall be able to win the battles not only for yourself but for the many HV infected people who are stigmatized by the society at large”.
Ajongba Imchen lauded the noble initiative of DC Dimapur for having an innovative mentality to control the growing menace of AIDS in Dimapur.
Exhorting the large gatherings Imchen said, ” If I am not able to deliver justice, than I am not fit to be a judge”, and cited constitutional provisions where the Constitution of India states that everyone is equal before the law and discrimination is considered a serious crime and offenders are punished.
Encouraging the District Hospital officials to treat them properly, he added a word of caution to officials, “Without any discrimination, the HIV patients should get treated and I will assure that no discrimination will be allowed to take place and guilty officials/ individuals will be seriously dealt with as per the laws”.
He said merely talking will not bring any change, actions speaks louder than words and our action to end the menace of discriminating HIV patients should rightfully end and the DDLSA will be there to protect the HIV patients against those very offenders.
“Let’s not discriminate the HIV patients”, he said and advised people infected with HIV to take up proper treatment and urged the society to give them a space to live.
The programme was chaired by Romeo Sumi and many HIV infected patients testified their sufferings in the gathering. Rev. Moses Murry also spoke on the occasion quoting a biblical phrase that even Jesus Christ loved the most despised people and we should have the teachings of Jesus Christ within us.
Mon: Mon DLSA observed World AIDS Day in collaboration with Shansham Org, Mon User Network & DAPCU at Dist Jail Mon on the theme ‘Communities make a difference’ with Thavaseelan K (IAS), DC Mon as the guest speaker.
The DC lamented that the Nagaland State which is one of the smallest State in the country is ranking in 3rd position in HIV infected people. Longyim, DPO spoke on the theme.
Mokokchung: Mokokchung DLSA observed World AIDS Day in collaboration with NMP+, Mokokchung, with Tajungla Longkumer, panel lawyer as the resource person.
Around 40 beneficiaries attended the programme.
Kiphire: At Kiphire, the Kiphire DLSA observed World AIDS Day in collaboration with District AIDS Prevention and Control Unit and Red Ribbon Club, Zisaji Presidency College Kiphire.
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