Dimapur gets a public library

Dimapur gets a public library

Dimapur, May 4: Dimapur now has public library, and the credit goes to a team of dedicated youths who shared the dream and toiled hard to give their dream a shape for over a year. The result is a humble, but necessary space for book lovers, which has been lacking for almost a decade now after the fall of the last major district library back in the year 2009.
The library that goes by the name ‘Dimapur District Library’, located in Industrial Estate and near the Firing Junction, has been set up by a team of young professionals from different fields who share the common love for books and it is solely dependent on the contributions and donations of public for its existence.
One core member of the team commented during the inauguration of the library today that the books the library has right now has been collected from all across the country from people who wanted to donate towards the cause after an appeal was made.
Chief guest for the occasion and registering officer from Art and Culture Department, Dimapur, Lampha Konyak, officially declared the library open to public, said that there are but about 80 registered ‘rural’ libraries in and around Dimapur but it is discouraging to find that most of them have ceased to exist and many even don’t come to pick up the books that the department distributes annually.
He went on to say that there also is a lack of readers today and blamed the emergence of internet as one of the major factors saying people now would rather try to find information through internet than visit a library.
He suggested that the library should also register itself.
Previously, associate professor in the Department of History, Meripeni Ngully said that the public should have a sense of ownership towards the library unlike the old library that had taken shape in the premise of Dimapur Government College in
2006 under the initiative of then DC Dimapur, Hekali Zhimomi and Army Development Group which ultimately was closed in 2009.
The reasons for the closing down of that library were that there were no visitors to the library and it remained largely unknown. Further, it was a ‘non-man’s’ child and nobody was sure whose responsibility it was to manage the library. The Government College also didn’t receive any extra funds for the maintenance of it and thus in 2009, the library was closed down, the books were shifted to Dimapur Government College including the computers and racks and everything else.
In the introductory speech, Susan Lotha, a councilor and presently working as Juvenile Justice Board member for Dimapur had said that the idea of setting up the library is an endeavor to leave something for the generation that is to come and it all started on August 13, 2017 when nine people had come together initially to work on the idea of setting up a public library in Dimapur. (Page News Service)