Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Dimapur firecracker dealers in Catch-22 over ban


Dimapur, December 6: Two contrasting orders – one for and the other against the sale of firecrackers in Dimapur – from two authorities have put firecrackers dealers in a major quandary.
The NSCN (IM) in a statement on December 3 has banned the sale of all types of firecrackers in and around Dimapur with immediate effect during the festive season. The ban, the outfit said, has been imposed after taking serious note of the nuisance firecrackers creates and the harmful effects of firecrackers, especially for heart patients.
“Besides, it is never a part of our culture,” the NSCN (IM) had said while warning of strict action against those found selling or transporting firecrackers.
But Dimapur police in a circular on December 5 said applications for temporary fireworks license will be issued at the office of the Commissioner of Police, Dimapur.
Interested parties to stock and sell fire crackers are hereby directed to obtain permits for the same i.e License in Form LE-5 after duly filing up form AE-5. The same may be obtained from the office of the Commissioner of Police, it said.
Dimapur police said the licenses will be issued totally on a temporary basis, and licenses will be issued only for sale during New Year.
It may be mentioned that the NSCN (IM), in its statement, had not banned bursting of firecrackers, and as is the case every year, Dimapur sky will be lit up by bursting of firecrackers accompanied by deafening bursting of firecrackers on Christmas eve and New Year’s eve.
The dilemma for firecrackers dealers in Dimapur is whether to apply for the temporary firecrackers license from the police but risk “strict action” from the NSCN (IM) or accept the ban on sale of firecrackers but risk losing business to firecracker dealers some few meters away across the Assam-Nagaland border.
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