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Dimapur Electrical Division inform consumers

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1 caught for impersonating linesman

DIMAPUR, MAY 9: Dimapur Electrical Division has informed electricity consumers, especially bulk consumers (consumers with their own distribution transformers), that for the past few weeks some miscreants are stealing energy meters, cut-out/Kit-Kat and cutting off copper wire. It advised consumers of all categories to secure their energy meters and all other electrical equipment in their premises by way of fencing it or customize an enclosure for energy meters since the Department will not bear the cost of replacements for energy meters, copper wire or cut-out/Kit-Kat.
Executive Engineer, Dimapur Electrical Division, Er. Y Akito Sema informed that on May 9 at around 10 a.m., one culprit posing as lineman of the Department, while trying to lure a consumer and extort money was caught red handed while trying to replace the seal of a energy meter illegally at West Yard. The culprit has been handed over to Sub-Urban Police Station after an FIR was filed, he informed.
In this regards, the Power Department advised consumers to insist on Government ID card or take note that any field workers visiting their premises or equipment should be in uniform, otherwise they should not be allowed to touch or enter the premises which is tantamount to unauthorized/illegal personnel. Consumers are also requested to immediately report to the concerned Sub-Divisional Officers or hand over the culprit to the police.
The Department also strictly warned employees under Dimapur Electrical Division not to involve in such cases, further warning that if any employees are found or caught involving in such illegal activities, severe action without further notice will be initiated.
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