Friday, March 24, 2023

Dimapur DTF for Covid vaccine reviews vaccination drive

Nagaland News

Dimapur, March 3: A meeting of Dimapur District Task Force (DTF) for Covid-19 vaccine was held today in the DC’s conference hall under the chairmanship of Rajesh Soundararajan, IAS, Deputy Commissioner of Dimapur.

Soundararajan highlighted the members on the implementations of the first and second phases of Covid vaccination drive in the district. He informed that there was no case of severe adverse effect of the vaccine, only some mild side effects were reported, which were normal and expected after any kind of vaccination.
Dr Rebecca, DPO, UIP/RCH presented an update of the first and second phases of Covid vaccination drive in the district and the State as a whole. She informed that during the third phase of vaccination, the eligible beneficiaries were all citizens above 60 years of age, and citizens between the ages of 45-59 years with co-morbidities; subject to certification by registered medical practitioner. She further highlighted the criteria for a health facility to be designated as Covid Vaccination Centers (CVC) during the third phase of vaccination drive.
In Government CVCs, vaccination is free of cost, however in private CVCs, Rs 250 will be charged for vaccination.
She informed on the new updates of COWIN 2.0 app, which now support beneficiary’s registration on the spot thus allowing flexibility in the mobilization of beneficiaries. She stated that any eligible beneficiary may register themselves online and schedule Covid vaccination appointment using the COWIN portal. She elaborated on the online registration process.
She reported that in Dimapur District, a total of 9705 beneficiaries, which includes health care workers, frontline workers and citizens above 60 years, were vaccinated till date and vaccination is still going on for all eligible beneficiaries.
Dr Rebecca also reminded the allied departments on the upcoming Deworming Day for children between 1 to 19 years from March 22 to 28. She requested the Department of Education and Department of Social Welfare to continue rendering their support and co-operation in this annual health programme.
Rajesh Soundararajan, IAS, DC in his closing remarks stated that number of new Covid positive cases is increasing in other parts of the country while there are no new cases of Covid infection in the State during the last few days, thus providing an opportune period for the district to carry out vaccination drive before the third wave of Covid infection hits the district. He cautioned that unless the number of vaccination is increased to achieve herd immunity, the chain of Covid infection cannot be broken and there will be no end to the pandemic. He urged outpost officers and other members of DTF to organize Covid vaccine sensitization programmes in their respective blocks and communities/organizations so as to mobilize the beneficiaries to get vaccinated.
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