Thursday, February 25, 2021

Dimapur DTF for COVID-19 vaccine holds meeting


Dimapur, December 12: A meeting on District Task Force for COVID-19 Vaccine cum IPPI 2021 was held in the DC’s conference hall Dimapur on December 11 under the chairmanship of Rajesh Soundararajan, IAS, Deputy Commissioner of Dimapur.

In the meeting, Dr Rebecca Y. Sema, DPO (RCH/UIP) highlighted the roles and responsibilities of District Task Force for COVID-19 vaccine. She updated members on health care worker database collection. She informed that the beneficiary list for the database has been collected from all Government as well as private health facilities including ASHAs and AWWs under Dimapur District. Health workers as potential vaccinators were also identified while collecting the beneficiary list.
Rajesh, Project Officer, UNDP updated the members on cold chain status. He stated that cold chain points currently used for routine immunization will also be used for COVID-19 vaccine. He further informed the members on the procedure for collection of beneficiary list and uploading the list on CO-WIN software.
Dr Rebecca also gave a short presentation on IPPI 2021. IPPI 2021 will be held on January 17, 2021, followed by house to house visitation on January 18&19.
Rajesh Soundararajan, IAS concluded the meeting by urging the members to lend their support during this preparatory phase as well as during the implementation phase upon availability of COVID-19 vaccine. (Page News Service)