Thursday, June 24, 2021

Dimapur DPDB constitutes LADP verification committee

Dimapur, October 12: The monthly meeting of Dimapur District Planning & Development Board was held at DC’s conference hall on October 10 under the Chairmanship of DC & Vice Chairman, DPDB, Dimapur, Kevekha Kevin Zehol.
Registration of Grace and Care Foundation at Zhimomi Automobile Building 3rd mile near Vhekiye gate, Chekiye Village and the proposal for upgradation of Grace Mission School and opening of New Residential school at Doyapur Village, Dimapur were examined and recommended including the registration of RO Water Manufacturer and Supplier Association at United North Block Sec A, Burma Camp, Dimapur were approved in principle, subject to verification of necessary certificate from concerned authorities.
Agenda for registration of St. Mary of Angels Society, BZ Entertainment (Drama and Film Society) of Nagaland, Japu Welfare Society were discussed and approved for recommendation basing on the verification report. The house also agreed to endorse the registration of City-Tech Computer Institute, Dimapur whereas the registration of Word of Faith Ministry was deferred to the next meeting with a directive to submit more specific information about their society. Opening of New Government Primary School at P. Vizheto Village, Niuland Sub-Division was also examined and approved by the house.
During the meeting the Board also constituted the Verification Committee for LADP 2019-20 and Technical Committee for Iconic Projects under LADP 2019-20.
Horticulture department gave a PowerPoint presentations about their activities in the district and DAPCU also highlighted the HIV/Aids scenario in Nagaland during the meeting.
(Page News Service)