Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Dimapur Dist Hospital Ayush ward in pitiable condition


Dimapur, August 23:In a major embarrassment to the present dispensation in the State, a WhatsApp message by a young Naga lady Holivi Yepthomi has exposed the pathetic condition of Dimapur District Hospital Ayush Building where patients are treated in the most inhumane and unhygienic condition.
The list of unhygienic condition ranges from the dirty bed, the congested rooms and the toilets are in deplorable condition and a source of infection.
Holivi admitted her father in the Ayush ward last week. On experiencing the pathetic condition of the hospital first hand, she uploaded some photos and video on the deplorable condition of the hospital in some WhatsApp groups, which quickly spread to other groups and social media platforms.
An extract of her WhatsApp message reads: “Dear brother and sister , my name is Holivi Yepthomi from Dimapur Nagaland and my father is admitted here in Dimapur Civil Hospital; this is the condition of Dimapur civil hospital in Ayush building Nagaland. Whoever is admitted here for treatment are surviving pathetically, I’m so shock and upset to see such nasty scenario in our land for the sick people; i find it very unpleasant and I feel we don’t deserve this; we deserve better so I am raising my voice against this, so please support for the change, share this video until it reach the concerned person. And if you don’t believe you can contact me for more details.”
Talking to Nagaland Page, Holivi said she is staying in the Ayush ward of Dimapur District Hospital since last week attending to her father, who is undergoing treatment, and had not option but to endure the “pathetic unhygienic condition of the ward” where in a small room four patients were admitted.
“The room is congested and dumped with four patients. The floors, the ceilings and the walls are untidy. And no one will dare to enter the toilet! It is so unhygienic, messy and nauseating with foul smells. Unable to bear the torture any more, I shot some photos and video and appealed to all to bring it to the notice of the concerned department so that things change for the betterment of all,” she said.
She stated that people deserve better medical facilities and hence had voiced out to bring to attention of all the pathetic condition of the Dimapur District Hospital’s Ayush ward.
Holivi added that the condition of her father had normalized and will be discharged in a day or two.
WhatsApp users in different groups have been forwarding Holivi’s appeal, and according to reports, most ministers, MLAs and officials have received her message.
When contacted, Superintendent of Dimapur District Hospital, Dr Kheshito Zhimomi, told Nagaland Page that the Ayush Ward is overcrowded as all the patients of the general ward are accommodated in the Ayush ward complex due to non completion of the construction of the District Hospital. He said majority of patients are from lower Assam and “maintains a dirty living condition.”
“They splash waters and throw food and other items on the floor and do not use sufficient waters after using the toilet. We have cleaners and twice a day it is cleaned up regularly. If patients and their attendants keep on splashing water and food items here and there, then definitely the ward will look messy, despite cleaning it twice,” he claimed.
On the unhygienic condition of the toilets, Dr Kheshito said people should use water. He also added that in Dimapur, the iron content in water levels are very high and so despite cleaning the toilets with bleaching powder and normal acid, the toilet has a yellowish colour every now and then.
“We are regularly cleaning and this morning too I inspected all the wards. The overcrowding and the messy condition of the ward and the toilets remains the same. Waste products and food items are dumped here and there,” he said.
“To go to toilet, there is a long queue due to overcrowding of patients in the Ayush ward. A long queue of 50 to 60 people is always there. Every patient has been accommodated here due to non completion of the main building and all these problems will persist until and unless the new building is completed,” he added. (Page News Service)