Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Dimapur COVID-19 Hospital fixes TrueNat Testing charges

Dimapur, July 21: Dimapur COVID-19 Hospital has fixed TrueNat testing charges for COVID. It has decided to charge Rs 1500 per test.
According to a notification issued by Medical Superintendent, COVID-19 Hospital Dimapur, Dr Z Kheshiti Zhimo, individuals from paid quarantine and private individuals for travelling purposes or incoming from private sectors would also be charged for the test.
All Government servants, officials engaged in COVID-19 duty and individuals from Government designated quarantine centres and also specially engaged personnel by the Government would not be charged for COVID-19 testing and for which all have to register from the Chief Medical Officer, Dimapur for documentation.
Meanwhile, the Medical Superintendent has notified that the COVID-19 ward active duty for staff would be 7 days and followed by 7 days institutional quarantine and 3 days home quarantine and then they would resume duty as according to the Government advisory. After 7 days of active duty, sampling would be taken on the 8th day as per ICMR guidelines.
The COVID-19 Ward Duty Staff would do flu corner duty only after completing quarantine advisory and after testing negative by TrueNat.
According to notification, the flu corner duty doctors may treat all the flu corner patients but the advice for TrueNat testing would be decided by Dr Neirethono, Nodal Officer COVID-19 Hospital, Dimapur. (Page News Service)