Dilapidated Fire Station building in Dimapur being demolished

Dilapidated Fire Station building in  Dimapur being demolished

New 4-storied building to come up within a year

Dimapur, June 19: The 49-year old building of the Dimapur Fire Station is being demolished as its condition has deteriorated and posed serious threat to the fireman stationed there. The process of dismantling the old building started last week and may take few weeks more to clear up the space for a new four-storied building, which would be constructed there.
At present a makeshift room has been made with bamboo and covered with plastic sheets to house the officials of the Fire Station within the campus.
It may be mentioned that on May 17 last, Nagaland Page had carried an exclusive news item highlighting the condition of the Fire Station, after which the Department and the state Government swung into action.
Talking to Nagaland Page, Officer-in-charge of Dimapur Fire Brigade, A Wati Jamir admitted that immediately after the publication of a report in Nagaland Page, on May 17 the Fire Department and Home Department officials got activated and an emergency meeting was convened in Kohima involving all the responsible officials.
He said, “The dismantling of the building was supposed to take place long back but nothing moved all these years. After the report of the dilapidated building was highlighted by  Nagaland Page the higher officials geared up to initiate the dismantling of the building first and then start the construction of a new four story building”.
The works for the dismantling of the building started since the last week and it may take another two to three weeks for the entire demolition of the building, he added.
Wati appreciated the news coverage of the Fire Station building which led to urgent movement of the higher officials relating to the department on dismantling and construction of the new building.
He said, “The news on the Dimapur Fire brigade Station building was read all over the state and in Delhi and other states too and for which there was the quick showdown of officials in Kohima relating to it”. The dismantling process was delayed for several years, he added
Wati allayed fears that after the demolition of the entire structure whether the new building construction can be completed in time or it will be delayed for years due to official apathy since the staffs are adjusting themselves in a make shift room.
He said that his superiors are aware of the completion and the total amount sanctioned for dismantling and construction of the new four story building.
He explicitly stated that the higher officials will not waste time if the funds are properly allocated. He said, “If there is no paucity of funds then it is expected that within a year or two the new building will be completed”.
When inquired about their office establishment at present, Wati mentioned that the staffs had erected a make shift room for carrying out all the official works within the campus
Meanwhile, Nagaland Home Commissioner, Ramaiah Ramakrishnan told Nagaland Page that immediately after the publication of the report, he had convened a meeting with the officials of the Fire department.
Ramaiah said, “In the meeting the dismantling and constructing the building was set as a top priority. The dismantling of the building is under process and no further delay will be made” and added that Fire station Service is a priority of the government and the Home department is doing the needful in this regard. (Page News Service)