Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Page Mail

Difficult to venture out during rainy days in Dimapur

Dear Madam,
During the rainy season traveling within Dimapur town area which is supposed to be fully metallic and well furnished road is indeed disgusting. Large number of potholes and swollen mounds of earths are visible everywhere. Not only in the GS Road or New Market the condition is pathetic everywhere. There should be proper drainage system to flush out the accumulating rain waters not only in the town area but in all the colonies.
Walking from one shop to another is difficult. Only on emergency note people are rushing out to the town area for shopping. It’s terribly awful returning with dirt and mud strewn all over the body. Rainy days should be pleasant and beautiful.
The administration should take note of such loopholes which brings in disgrace to the town and its large populace.
For a beautiful Dimapur we need to think beautifully and bring in development which should be utilized with honesty. None can say that the government is starving due to fund crunch.
Reshma Shaikh, Dimapur