Friday, September 29, 2023
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Development of Northeast is Modi Govt’s priority, says Amit Shah

Amit Shah

KIBITHOO, (ARUNACHAL PRADESH), APRIL 10: The Modi Government has ended insurgency in the Northeast and brought peace and speedy development to the region, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said here on Monday.
Shah said within its two terms, the Modi Government has shown what it can do for the Northeast which could not be done for decades by previous Governments.
He also said that the Armed Forces (Special) Power Act (AFSPA) has been removed from 70% of areas of the Northeast and the days are not far when the law will be removed from the rest of the region.
Rights activists have been campaigning against AFSPA, which gives protection to the security forces carrying out operations in disturbed areas, calling it a draconian law and demanding its revocation.
Shah said all disputes in the Northeast are getting resolved and 8,000 insurgents have surrendered in the last few years.
There is 66% less violence in the Northeast and 88% less civilian deaths, he said.
The Home Minister said the border dispute between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh is on the verge of being resolved, while a number of peace accords have been signed with insurgent groups, including those from the Bru and Bodo communities.
He said the development of the Northeast is the priority of the Modi Government and it is taking many initiatives in this regard.
“Development of border infrastructure is the priority of the Modi Government. We have built border roads, border fencing, border outpost and installed floodlights”, he said. (PTI)