‘Developing tourism can generate revenue in NE states’

‘Developing tourism can  generate revenue in NE states’

Dimapur, July 27: Resident Commissioners of Northeastern states today brainstormed over different policies and options for the development of the Northeast, in a meeting called by Dr D K Bhalla IAS, Chief Resident Commissioner of Nagaland at New Delhi.
During the meeting it was felt that most of the Northeastern states are deficient in the generation of monetary resources and this point was stressed upon as to how the states be made more self-sufficient so that they don’t have to only depend upon central funding for various activities.
The members opined that there could be a possibility, under which all corporate houses may be mandated to spend their CSR funds for developmental activities in NE and it would allow corporate sector to explore various avenues of development and nation building in Northeastern states.
It was discussed that the flora and fauna, bio-diversity etc can be used for revenue generation by developing tourism activities in a sustainable way without disturbing ecosystem of the area. Tourism can be of various varieties like medical tourism, golf tourism, anthropological tourism, ecological tours, adventure tourism etc. These tourism projects can be planned on PPP model, under which state government can put in their share by providing land and other natural resources and private players in collaboration with GoI can infuse capital resources for projects.
It was further discussed that 15th Finance Commission should be requested to keep in view that NE states act as natural sink for the rest of nation and hence NER should be given even higher devolution of funds to keep it more green .
On job creation front, the issue that was raised by various Resident Commissioners was for bringing various mega projects to the region and various strategies to fund small projects on farming sector and horticulture.
It was discussed that separate defined economic entities could be created for the region like NE bank, Special loan assistance agencies and a dedicated Insurance agency only for NE Horticulture and agro based food processing industries offer a huge scope for development in NER.
Resident Commissioners of all NE states welcomed the initiative.
The meeting concluded with the suggestion that an aide memoir should be developed by all RCs together for presenting it to the Prime Minister for expediting the NE agenda of the Government. (Page News Service)