Friday, May 7, 2021

Detoxification camp at Yuching village

Dimapur, August 1: One month detoxification camping was started at Yuching Village under Mon district on July 28.
N Neangba Konyak, Director De-addiction and Rehab Centre, Mon asked the campers to be humble and avoid taking intoxicant after the camp is over.
He requested the churches and Mission Board to play a major role for the addicted people and to start home mission which is the need of the hour.
Dr. Pangmoi, Ms. Amen (Nurse), Chiyem, VCC Yuching and Nahwang, Speaker YSU also present during the opening function. Wangchah, Youth Secretary KBBB said a dedicatory prayer.
The detoxification camp was jointly organized by Yuching Students’ Union, Gospel Outreach Ministry and KBBB and sponsored by Yuching Students’ Union and Village Council Yuching. 49 campers registered their names for the month long camping starting from July 28 to 28 and many more are expected to join in the following days.
(Page News Service)