Tuesday, July 23, 2024

DENSU demands setting up of BSL-3 Lab in Eastern Nagaland

Dimapur, May 27: The Dimapur Eastern Nagaland Student’s Union (DENSU) has demanded Nagaland Chief Minister to set up BSL-3 Laboratory in Eastern Nagaland immediately and also initiate legal action against those erring officials for violation of Covid-19 protocols.
In an ultimatum served to the Chief Minister, DENSU president, Bendang and secretary, Alem Luklem resented the “outrageous and apathetic” treatment against the returnees from Chennai who were intentionally made to board on a bus for Tuensang from Kohima quarantine centre without even having the concern for ascertaining the status of their swab result of COVID-19 and also assimilating the returnees from all zones in a bus.
“When the entire nation is cautiously dealing and fighting against the unseen virus, the ignorance of the concerned officials of the Kohima district is unacceptable,” it said adding, despite the colossal sensitivity involved the authority in-charge in complete defiance of SOP directed by the Government of Nagaland and guidelines issued by WHO and Central Ministry for at least 14 days quarantine, the returnees were deliberately sent off within a week time of their quarantine period.
Stating that one of the returnees in the Tuensang bound bus has tested positive for Covid-19, the DENSU said the repercussion of the result has become extremely fatal for the people especially for those who have travelled in the same bus and people in contact on the subway and in the destination district.
“Therefore, officials in-charge of Kohima district be held accountable and immediate legal action be initiated against them for violation of guidelines, protocols and endangering the lives of the people and also if any resident of Tuensang town/village is infected or causes any harm due to the negligent of the above mentioned authority/officials, the Government would be held solely responsible,” the ultimatum said.
The DENSU demanded that those positive as well as suspected patients be shifted immediately to Dimapur or Kohima as there is no well-equipped medical facility or a virology lab in the entire Eastern Nagaland.
Concerning the distance, population and threat in Eastern Nagaland, a separate BSL-3 Lab be set up at the earliest in the Eastern Nagaland, it said. (Page News Service)