Friday, January 22, 2021
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 ‘Delimitation Exercise is most welcome and necessary in Nagaland’

The Government of India set up a Delimitation Commission in 2002 with Justice Kuldeep Singh as the Chairman and the job was completed in 2008. However, most of the North Eastern States could not be affected by the delimitation exercise because of unsuitable situations prevalent during that time. The state of Nagaland also opted for the then existing status-quo till the additional Assembly Constituency seats were provided.

Therefore, delimitation exercise could not affect the State of Nagaland since the inception of the State hood in 1963 till date. As a result of which there are a lot of disparities and unequal representation in the State Assembly in Nagaland.

The communities or tribes having more representatives, MLAs, Ministers in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly are consequently given a superficial advantage and are observed to be dominating most of the State Government’s development and employment opportunities whereas the minority communities or tribes who are less represented or with no representatives are deprived of development and employment facilities in the state’s quota for the last 57 years and the years to follow as all the facilities and provisions are implemented with approval of the Legislature.

Facts and figures clearly show the unequal representation in the state of Nagaland. Some of the Constituency-wise disparities taking into account their respective population and voters are as reflected below:-

On one hand, we have,

 Assembly Constituency Projected Population 2020 Electorates as per

final e-roll 2020

27 Mokokchung Town AC 11094 7329
23 Impur AC 15687 10148
31 Akuluto AC 12876 9939
29 Jangpetkong AC 17379 11430

 Whereas on the other hand, we have constituencies like:-

 Assembly Constituency Projected Population 2020 Electorates as per final e-roll 2020
1 Dimapur-I AC 61883 23805
2 Dimapur-II AC 132404 55304
4 Ghaspani-I AC 142535 68383
6 Tening AC 55686 27124
7 Peren AC 54249 29669
9 Kohima Town AC 72923 32031
12 Tseminyu AC 65623 24283
38 Wokha AC 66087 29457
40 Bhandari AC 50550 24808
60 Pungro Kiphire AC 50807 29247
Source: Election Department Nagaland data.


The above facts and figures clearly show the injustice in dispensation of justice and fairness on distribution of the Assembly Constituency seats in Nagaland. Therefore, delimitation exercise is urgently and imperatively needed in the state of Nagaland. Now the Government of India has appointed Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai to lead the Delimitation exercise in the North eastern states such as Assam, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Jammu & Kashmir. This time delimitation exercise is coinciding with the Naga political solution and new population census2021. Therefore, it is more significant to do the job more effectively and efficiently given the situations.

Therefore, the delimitation exercise is a most welcome step and it is an earnest appeal to the Commission to do the job with utmost justice and fairness without political influence and major tribes’ pressure etc but purely based on population-voters, tribal and regional considerations in delimitation of the Assembly Constituencies in Nagaland.


President, Rengma Public Organisation Kohima.

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